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Episode 8: Do not wake Death

30min - Mysterious killings occur in the village of the Franconians. Despite Liborius' warnings, Heinrich, Luise and Kurt take the case and go to investigate. Shortly after arriving at the village, they realize that they have no chance against this enemy. More killings befall the village and the helpless friends can only stand by and watch it happening.

Episode 7: Three maidens for Kurt

22min - Luise believes to have found a way how Heinrich can retrieve his soul from the devil. Even though Heinrich is not impressed with the legend of the 'God's seat', he accompanies Luise and Kurt on this journey. Princess Irene also seems to have found a weapon against the devil. However, the holy cross and her interest in prince Ulrich do not fare well with her maid Irma.

Episode 6: The hidden hero

24min - Luise and Roman's date continues. This time a visit to the local thermal bath is planned. They have a good time but suddenly Luise's mark starts hurting... Prince Ulrich desperately begs for Heinrich's help to free Irene from the curse. Together they go on a reckless rescue mission and break into the castle of the Wends.

Episode 5: Of Franconians and Wends

20min - Luise takes a break from the Middle Ages and spends time with fellow student Roman. What she does not suspect is that Roman planned their date at the climbing hall. Will Luise be able to conquer her fear of heights? The devil uses all of his tricks to blight the developing romantic affair between princess Irene and prince Ulrich.

Episode 4: The devil's mark

18min - Luise is shocked - has she really been cursed by the devil? Upset she begins to make inquiries - and makes a fateful decision. In the medieval Fichtelgebirge, prince of the Franconians Ulrich meets the princess of the Wends Irene. Although their peoples are enemies, the two nobles seem to have taken a special interest in another.

Episode 3: The treasure in the well

17min - To recover the legendary treasure of the Koesseine, Heinrich seeks the help of the boy Kurt. Together with Luise they go on a dangerous journey and are confronted with the Wild Hunter, an old foe of Heinrich's. The Wild Hunter is not Heinrich's only problem, however: The devil calls him to have him settle his debts.

Episode 2: The ghost from the border stone

14min - Driven by her curiosity, Luise goes back to the middle ages and is promptly confronted by a new threat. She has to help Heinrich who was hired to free a village from an evil ghost. The mysterious boy Alois, who is the only one who can see the ghost, seems to be the key to the problem.

Episode 1: The Game of Souls

20min - Luise cannot anticipate the adventure waiting for her as she opens the "Book of the legendary Fichtelgebirge". Suddenly she finds herself in the dark hut of a crazy old man who tells her she is now in the year 1410. As it turns out, the old man is the writer Liborius and his statement is true. To get back to her time Luise has to help Liborius' shady grandson Heinrich.