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Episode 12: Le Voyage Dans La Lune

56min - Hear the story behind Apollo 17 - the final lunar mission - against the backdrop of George Melies' visionary 1902 moon fantasy Le Voyage Dans la Lune.

Episode 11: The Original Wives Club

54min - Alan Shepard is grounded by an ear problem. Plus, the story of the astronaut wives and the challenges they faced during the Apollo Program.

Episode 10: Galileo Was Right

52min - Geology guru Lee Silver helps Dave Scott and his Apollo 15 crew unravel the moon's mysterious origins.

Episode 9: For Miles and Miles

47min - The story of Alan Shepard - the first American in space - who battled back from health problems to lead Apollo 14.

Episode 8: We Interrupt This program

46min - As the deadly consequences of the Apollo 13 accident escalate, so do the tensions in the NASA press corps.

Episode 7: That's All There Is

47min - Alan Bean goes from forgotten astronaut to the second moon landing's lunar module pilot after a jet crash kills one of his colleagues.

Episode 6: Mare Tranquilitatis

53min - The glare of the public eye, rows among the crew, catastrophic simulation and a series of tragic crises threaten the Apollo 11 astronauts' success.

Episode 5: Spider

53min - NASA takes its boldest and most controversial step as it tries to fly men around the moon and back for the first time in history.

Episode 4: 1968

51min - As NASA prepares to take a bold and controversial step, the wife of astronaut Frank Borman worries about her husband's mission.

Episode 3: We Have Cleared the Tower

59min - NASA continues to prepare for the Apollo 7 mission, with a documentary crew closely following their every move.

Episode 2: Apollo 1

59min - NASA gets ready for the Apollo One mission. But when a pre-launch fire kills three astronauts, the entire programme comes under threat.

Episode 1: Can We Do This

59min - Tom Hanks and Ron Howard's Emmy-winning series chronicles NASA's Apollo lunar landings, beginning with some very risky Earth-orbit missions.