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Episode 10: Finale: Dark Side of the Sun

46min - An unmasked Richie bears the sun to chase down Amaru, only to witness a startling sight. The team struggles prevent a literal hell on Earth.

Episode 9: Matanzas

46min - The living and the formerly dead arm up and storm an eerie ghost town, hoping to stop Amaru before her true form opens the doorway to hell.

Episode 8: Rio Sangre

45min - Santanico puts together a surprise for the Geckos, giving them an unlikely point man to infiltrate a culebra prison and reach the last remaining lord.

Episode 7: La Llorona

46min - After new intel prompts them to go on the offensive, the Geckos encounter a venomous demon with the power to alter perception.

Episode 6: Straitjacket

47min - Seth and his team plan to rescue a captured Richie from an abandoned psychiatric hospital, unaware of the terror that awaits them.

Episode 5: Shady Glen

43min - Family dinners get nasty when the unsuspecting inhabitants of an ordinary suburban neighborhood experience sudden cannibalistic cravings.

Episode 4: Fanglorious

44min - Scott has a close encounter with Amaru, prompting the Geckos to use him as bait. But the group soon finds itself besieged by Aztec warriors from hell.

Episode 3: Protect and Serve

42min - The Geckos seek out a legendary hunter. Freddie encounters a familiar pain in the neck who's now leading a uniquely devious life as a culebra.

Episode 2: La Reina

45min - When Freddie and Ximena follow a string of grisly killings, all roads seem to lead to Brasa. The newly embodied Amaru sets her sights on Santanico.

Episode 1: Head Games

42min - Seth and Richie fall swiftly to the bottom of the heap within the culebra ranks. But a mysterious interloper disrupts their new gig as collectors.

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