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An Enemy of Fate

Tensions escalate and egos clash after Empire starts its national tour; Jamal and Kai's relationship grows more complex; Treasure has an unfortunate moment onstage; Cookie confronts her feelings towards Damon; Federal agents start to investigate.


Cookie's future place in the family business is threatened by a game-changing career offer; Jamal is determined to ensure Tiana and Treasure's track is successful; Lucious, Cookie and Giselle contemplate the future of Empire's artists.

The Boy Must Live

The Lyons work on a plan to clean Kingsley's mess and reveal a new-and-improved Empire as their family business' reputation is at risk; Lucious and Cookie hire someone to locate the money Eddie had stolen; Andre tries to get Devon an Empire record.

Anomaly XB-6783746

The Lyons must pull out all the stops to prove Lucious and Becky’s innocence in the datamining scandal. Meanwhile, Cookie struggles with Lucious’ past and Jeff Kingsley’s place in it, Jamal and Kai try to figure out where they stand and a mystery begins to unravel.

Black Blotter

The Lyon family's financial security is threatened before the deadline for their LFM showcase; Jamal is conflicted with Kai's research into Empire's activity; Hakeem and Tiana finally agree on how they should progress their relationship.

The Human Kind

Cookie and Lucious' relationship suffers from the high cost of operation Lyon Family Management; Cookie reflects on her early struggles after Kingsley's damaging power play; Kai is upset with Jamal when he exposes their engagement live on TV.


Lucious must get along with Jeff Kingsley to close the distance between Empire and Lyons Family Management and get a girl group back into the mix; Jamal gets frustrated with Cookie for stealing his London artist; Andre helps free an old inmate's son.

Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

While Cookie and Lucious bet who can sign an artist first, Lucious hopes to sign an up-and-coming rapper and Cookie holds auditions for street talent; Hakeem's rage leads him to some promising music; Jamal encounters a crossroads.

An Origin Story

Lucious and Cookie get their artist ready for a premiere listening party, but they are concerned that the pressure will be too much; Hakeem wants to show Tiana that he's matured, but struggles to let go of the recent past; Cookie worries about Jamal.

The Bullet That Saved the World

The Lyons aim to return to form as they undertake a brand-new project; Cookie and Portia try to sign a new artist with a sound they've been looking for; Andre tries to prove his business savvy to Lucious; Jamal reflects on his history with Kai.

The Recordist

Cookie and Lucious are determined to reintroduce themselves to the music game, but they must first get the support of the entire family and a few allies.

In Absentia

Cookie and Lucious discover the difficulties of launching an artist without the support of Empire Entertainment.

Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

Two years after Cookie and Lucious lost Empire to Eddie Barker they continue to pick up the broken pieces.