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Over de grens

48min - Hunted by the police, Theo and Willem try to escape to Germany to visit someone who can help them provoke The Diplomat before he seizes power, but the borders are closed and they are now being sought all over Europe. Eventually Theo and Willem face The Diplomat and he has one last surprise for them.

Dit Is Brabant!

48min - After the attacks, The Diplomat is about to seize power. Theo and Willem try to stop him, but become main suspects of the attacks themselves. From now on Theo and Willem are the most wanted men in Europe.

De dag die je wist ...

48min - Bureau Tilburg is under attack! While the terrorists are shooting their way into the building, Willem and Theo try to keep their loved ones, colleagues and each other safe. The attack becomes world news, and for a moment, Tilburg is the center of Europe.

Beer op de weg

51min - Theo and Willem interrogate Franz Redelmacher, hoping that he will tell them who The Diplomat really is. They don't know The Diplomat is in Tilburg, and has been observing Theo and Willem for a long time.

In Excelsis Theo

50min - After even Willem has doubted Theo's Diplomat theory, Theo decides to go into therapy in a monastery. Tjebbo and Willem chase the second transport of terrorists, in their own unique way. Meanwhile, the monastery is not exactly the best place for Theo to relax.

Die Qual der Wahl

51min - Theo suspects the German trader of chemical toilets is one of The Diplomat's henchmen. When Willem finds them in a deserted forest, Theo desperately tries to convince Willem of his plot. Willem questions if Theo is not holding an innocent person. Is Theo really thinking clearly?

In het land der blinden

48min - Theo's paranoia is getting worse and Willem starts wondering: is Theo Kamp still able to work, or has he completely lost his way?

God Only Knows

49min - Theo and Willem discover an unexpected link between the two criminal families. They try to put their rivals under pressure, but unintentionally start a gang war with life-threatening consequences.

Gibt es probleme?

48min - Theo is back, dedicating himself to the case of the human traffickers.Willem, however, is very worried about his partner. Elements from his time undercover are having a dangerous effect on their work.


48min - It has been a year since Theo Kamp disappeared without a trace. Willem Niessen is back in Tilburg and ends up in a case that draws international attention.