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Daarheen leidt de weg

50min - When Willem is falsely accused of murder, he is forced to run. With the entire Amsterdam police force on his heels, Willem makes an all-out effort to convince Theo of the truth about his father even if that means putting his life in danger.


50min - The liquidation of Guy Moliers is big news. Theo, Willem and Sam conspire with Neelie van Leeuwen to lure the Diplomat from hiding. To do this, they need a dangerous criminal as bait. But is Neelie trustworthy or will she put all of them at risk?


51min - With Guy Moliers still at large, Theo hurries to his penthouse to save Maartje. Upon arrival, he seems to be too late and is forced to make a drastic decision. Willem and Sam need to pull out all the stops to save Theo's life.


49min - The transport is jeopardized and the Moliers pressure Theo to hand over Roxy. Theo is given a couple of hours. If he fails, the criminal kingpin will kill Maartje. A race against the clock follows, which ends in a bloodbath in the IJmuiden harbor.

Femke fatale

49min - Theo goes undercover in Guy Moliers' gang and confesses a secret to William. Sam and Willem put everything on the line to put Tessa's abductor behind bars, while Maartje has maneuvered herself into a very tricky situation.


49min - Willem, Theo and Sam join forces to uncover the plans of the Moliers gang. William struggles with family problems in Tilburg and gets a shocking surprise. Meanwhile, Roxy comes forward with important new info about the extortion case.


Het zwarte gat

48min - On his first work day in Amsterdam, Willem and his new partner Sam interrogate a drugged prostitute named Roxy. Meanwhile, Theo and Maartje develop a plan to lure hitman Achmatov out of hiding.

Bad Trip

50min - After a bloody shoot-out, Theo and Willem venture into Amsterdam's night life. There, a cold-blooded hitman awaits, who can however take them closer to Theo's father.

Waarheen leidt de weg

49min - Willem gets the shock of a lifetime when he hears that Theo has been shot down in his own apartment. William rushes to hospital, where the question arises: Why did Theo have to die?