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50min - Willem is prepared to offer negotiator Freddy van Nuenen 35 million Euros in drugs money in order to finally freed Tessa. But Theo doesn't intend to let Freddy get away with all the cash.

Op glad ijs

50min - To free Tessa, Theo and Willem need money from a drug dealer. In order to catch him, they use his ex as bait. Meanwhile, prosecutor Josiah Blok deploys the entire police corps to captureTheo.

Glow in the Dark

50min - Tessa's kidnapping forces Theo and Willem to work together with Mick Faassen, a man from another team. But is Mick to be trusted?


50min - After a shooting incident, Willem is keen to prove that he acted appropriately. He takes the lead in the investigation and Theo can hardly restrain him. Meanwhile, the investigation of a second mole develops.

Don't Bogart That Joint

50min - Theo and Willem are the heroes of the police and are promoted to the Homicide Squad. They're with the big boys now. But what should they do about Maartje and the problems she's giving?


51min - Blok uses Willem to expose Theo, while Theo makes a shocking discovery about Maartje. Apart and in a dangerous situation, can Theo and Willem find each other before the criminals maketheir move?


49min - Theo and Willem suspect of a mole among their colleagues; public prosecutor Josiah Blok. Can the two detectives get to a top officer of the judicial system and end a chain of corruption?


52min - A witness, Hans, is found dead at the hospital where his wife Donna is giving birth to their daughter. Can Theo and Willem protect the widow from the men trying to eliminate the family?

Natte Drone

50min - After being shot, Theo and Willem are banned from conducting the investigation of the shooter. But Theo isn't prepared to leave the hunt to his former colleagues and his temperament will play against him.

Losse handjes

47min - After a fight with a top criminal, Theo is relegated from the crime squad to the drugs team. Now with a new partner, Willem Niessen, a by-the-book officer, the two opposites have no idea that this is the beginning of the case of their lives.