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Episode 10: Endgame

46min - Willem and Theo have no idea where their wives are and Melin has complete power over team Tilburg. She plays a life-threatening game where there seems to be no way out for Theo and Willem.

Episode 9: Targets

50min - Laura and Maartje are in great danger and in a race against time. Willem and Theo have to make sure that their wives come back safely.

Episode 8: Trapped

50min - Willem and Theo have to rescue politician from the hands of the serial killer. The politician who always calls for referendums gets a taste of his own medicine.

Episode 7: Live

49min - A very anxious man enters the studio of TV Brabant and demands a conversation with Theo. When he arrives in the studio, it soon becomes clear what this interview is all about.

Episode 6: No way out

48min - The serial killer tries to put Willem in a tight spot by going after a childhood friend of his. Because of their painful past, Willem faces a great dilemma when the serial killer comes closer to his friend.

Episode 5: Now it's personal

48min - Harold discovers an old case that helps Willem and Theo in their search for the serial killer. In response, the serial killer makes it very personal.

Episode 4: Corrupted

48min - Willem and Theo have to rescue a corrupt lawyer from the serial killer as they come face to face with him for the first time.

Episode 3: The Assignment

47min - Willem and Theo can't identify the serial killer while he orders them to expose a pharmaceutical company for killing children.

Episode 2: Tick Tock

49min - Willem and Theo protect Geer, a famous criminal, from an assassin that gives him only 48 hours to admit 'a major crime'. Geer claims he has never been involved.

Episode 1: Hacked

49min - Peace in Tilburg has returned. Willem has taken over the leadership of the police force and Theo leads a quiet life. Their tranquility will be disturbed by a hacker who steals a database of criminals. The game is on!

Episode 0