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1h 43min - Yıldız finally takes her revenge. Leyyal gets a long-awaited phone call. Şubat races to change the course of fate, but learns there's a steep price.

Sondan Bir Evvel

1h 36min - Double forces Aslan to reveal where Elem is. A plan takes shape to exchange the black box for the baby. Yağmur decides to make a huge sacrifice.

Bolum 30

1h 33min - Tarik decides whether to kill Animal. Aslan takes steps to silence Elem. The crew launches an operation to free Crazy İbrahim. The black box is found.

Bolum 29

1h 29min - Yıldız reports her loss of the compass to a co-conspirator. Back in İstanbul, Leyyal and her son seek refuge. Ahmet gives his wife an ultimatum.

Bolum 28

1h 21min - During the wedding, Yağmur spots something that jogs her memory. Leyyal's plan to return to İstanbul is thwarted. Aslan stumbles on a shocking find.

Bolum 27

1h 24min - Şubat and Yağmur's search for the black box leads to a hunt for the car buried by Crazy İbrahim's crew. Elem reveals who pushed Yağmur into the well.

Bolum 26

1h 28min - Şubat learns Yağmur went to the well. Delirious with fever, Elem mumbles something that upsets Crazy İbrahim. Tarik gets an offer he can't refuse.

Bolum 25

1h 36min - Yeşim gives her husband an ultimatum. Arif directs his friends to a crucial piece of evidence. Yağmur's mother makes a stunning announcement.

Bolum 24

1h 37min - Double finds Mr. Aziz to ask for forgiveness. Refusing to drop the Grays case, Arif faces consequences. A dying Mr. Aziz settles a score with Samim.

Bolum 23

1h 26min - Şubat rescues Samim's son from the Grays. Yağmur investigates Samim's death, and Şubat sends a call for backup to Crazy İbrahim and his crew.


1h 31min - A fire breaks out at the psychiatric hospital. Crazy İbrahim and Double face their day of reckoning for the death of Mr. Aziz's son. A year passes.

Bolum 21

1h 34min - Yağmur meets her secret admirer, who tells her an oddly familiar tale. Şubat learns the story behind Mr. Aziz's connection to the Grays.


1h 30min - Saltuk's ex-fiancée finds him and begs for help. Samim tells Şubat how to find Mr. Aziz. On the streets, Crazy İbrahim and Double spot their father.

Bolum 19

1h 32min - The auctioning of an antique dagger rumored to hold great value for those seeking immortality ignites a bidding war resulting in murder and theft.

Bolum 18

1h 33min - News of a car bombing leads Şubat and Saltuk to discover an odd coincidence. Yağmur returns to work and investigates a pregnant woman's disappearance.

Bolum 17

1h 42min - Şubat learns shocking info about Mr. Aziz's past. Double embarks on a mission. The plan to capture Şubat using Yağmur and Sabah goes terribly wrong.

Bolum 16

1h 31min - The crew suffers a casualty while trying to rescue Crazy İbrahim, Bride and Saltuk. The mysterious Grays have Yağmur and Sabah kidnapped.

Bolum 15

1h 30min - Following the treatment, Şubat experiences some strange aftereffects. When revenge seekers come after Bride, she makes a deal with Crazy İbrahim.

Bolum 14

1h 40min - Yağmur searches for Şubat but finds Gülüm instead. With help from some unlikely allies, Şubat tries to cure a sick child using the diaries' formulas.

Bolum 13

1h 39min - Tragedy strikes Samim's family. Gülüm finds herself in an unexpected new home. Bride learns who she is. Şubat makes a sacrifice for Yağmur.

Bolum 12

1h 38min - A framed Yağmur is taken into police custody, but Şubat soon comes to her rescue. Gülüm makes a desperate attempt to escape her dismal situation.

Bolum 11

1h 40min - An act of sabotage turns Şubat against his mother, who enlists Crazy İbrahim to help her pull off an elaborate plan. Arif grows wary of his ex-wife.

Bolum 10

1h 32min - Şubat's mother makes Samim an offer. Samim tries to change Yağmur's view of the medical experiments. Crazy İbrahim visits a relative of Mr. Aziz.

Bolum 9

1h 44min - Şubat rescues two of the orphans from the hospital and hides them in his den. Mr. Aziz is taken to meet a woman who claims to be Şubat's mother.

Bolum 8

1h 39min - Yağmur discovers a diagram of murder suspects. Samim makes Arif an offer he can't refuse. Şubat follows a transport of young patients from the clinic.

Bolum 7

1h 49min - Crazy İbrahim storms the clinic to rescue his brother, but takes a hostage instead. After finding Sabah's room, Yağmur confronts her mother.

Bolum 6

1h 54min - Arif gets bad news about his ex-wife. A strange phenomenon threatens Crazy İbrahim's leadership. Tolga learns new details about his mother's death.

Bolum 5

1h 52min - Şubat is forced to choose between Yağmur and his mother. To find out where Gülüm is, Crazy İbrahim and his crew kidnap Yağmur and her friends.

Bolum 4

1h 32min - Yağmur is shocked by what she finds in the locked room of the clinic. Mr. Aziz comes home from the hospital and asks to speak to Crazy İbrahim.

Bolum 3

1h 29min - Yağmur tries to find out more about the murder victim's ties to her father. Assuming an alter ego, Yusuf flees with the video camera and calls Yağmur.