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Episode 30

43min - A developer begins making plans for construction in a neighborhood where every household has been traumatized by at least one suicide.

Episode 29

43min - An ugly demonic presence haunts an entire town and pursues a young couple with a view to keeping them apart from each other.

Episode 28

44min - In a house where a wedding is about to be held, there lives an evil, malevolent spirit hell-bent on chaos and destruction.

Episode 27

44min - After being possessed, a girl is driven to angry outbursts and acts of violence against her neighbors and members of her own family.

Episode 26

43min - A pregnant woman finds a mysterious book near the front door of her house. It turns out to contain a story about a woman who lost her child.

Episode 25

43min - Six students camp out in a forest that has been avoided by local villagers for 20 years following a mysterious double murder in the area.

Episode 24

44min - A diabolical spirit exerts control over a young girl, entering and departing her body at will, and drives her to violence against those she loves.

Episode 23

44min - A dark and terrifying entity materializes in a household and tries to coerce a young wife into killing the child in her womb.

Episode 22

43min - While driving along a deserted road, a family encounters a spirit that stalks them with a plan to exact revenge for a past crime.

Episode 21

43min - A murderous spirit occupies a girl's body and uses its new connection to the world of the living to unleash a wave of terror.

Episode 20

45min - A girl and her lover are killed by the tormented spirit of a man who was deceived and left heartbroken by the girl he loved.

Episode 19

44min - A tormented woman's ghost continues to reside in a ruined building for the sole purpose of exacting vengeance for past crimes.

Episode 18

45min - After starting work at a brothel, a girl imagines that she is visited in her sleep by mysterious spirits that live in her room.

Episode 17

44min - A girl tells her friend about her recurring dream involving a laboratory in which a surgeon operates on patients while they are conscious.

Episode 16

44min - While being ferried across a river believed to be haunted, a couple is advised by their boatman to return home before dark.

Episode 15

43min - A girl and her brother move into an apartment in a mysterious building whose tenants are more than what they appear to be.

Episode 14

44min - Before her wedding, a girl purchases a mysterious sari, only to find that its previous owner hasn't completely relinquished it.

Episode 13

44min - A pair of mysterious dancing shoes with a dark past confer powers of invincibility on those who wear them on the dance floor.

Episode 12

44min - Inner and outer realities collide as possible explanations for the mysterious murders of a woman and her abusive husband are explored.

Episode 11

44min - A policeman who enters an old mansion comes face to face with a group of vampires who occupy the space within its walls.

Episode 10

44min - After a family accidentally runs over a cobra during a road trip, they're visited by a traditional Hindu curse that befalls anyone who kills a snake.

Episode 9

44min - A family of three is terrorized after moving into an old house that's also home to a tormented spirit.

Episode 8

44min - A young bride arrives at her new home, only to find it occupied by a mysterious spirit that has designs on her and her husband.

Episode 7

43min - A little girl's ghost continues to occupy the world of the living, long after she was fatally run over by a passing car.

Episode 6

43min - All hell breaks loose during a train journey, after a woman gets up in the middle of the night to find her husband missing.

Episode 5

44min - An accidental visit to a matrimonial website introduces a girl to a mysterious man who seems to know everything about her and wants to marry her.

Episode 4

44min - A mysterious chain letter surfaces, demanding that its reader deliver it to 100 people in 24 hours or face the consequences.

Episode 3

44min - A man's past catches up with him in the form of a spirit determined to remove imbalances created by past injustices and indiscretions.

Episode 2

43min - Parents' lives are turned upside down by a terrifying demonic entity that targets their children for abduction or worse.

Episode 1

43min - A mysterious supernatural entity possesses a taxi, disrupting every aspect of the vehicle's operations and jeopardizing its occupants.