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Episode 24: The Ever Distant Utopia

24min - Shirou is in agony from curses from the Holy Grail. Saber faces a desperate situation. The hallowed scabbard Avalon: the Everdistant Utopia appears.

Episode 23: Holy Grail

22min - After escaping from the Kotomine Church, Saber and Shirou vow to destroy the Holy Grail. They cast aside their doubts to face the final battle.

Episode 22: Result of a Wish

22min - Shirou and Saber are attacked by Lancer at Kotomine Church. They must decide if they want the Holy Grail. First the truth about the fight is revealed.

Episode 21: The Genesis Star That Sunders Heaven and Earth

23min - The golden Servant who is after Saber is Gilgamesh, the most ancient of kings. Overwhelmed by his power, Shirou and Saber sense imminent defeat.

Episode 20: Distant Traces of Dreams

23min - Shirou is in love with Saber. He just wants her to live in this world by the power of the Holy Grail, but that goes against her vow. They are at odds.

Episode 19: The Golden King

22min - Caster plans Rin as a human sacrifice for the Grail and Shirou and co. are powerless. Just in time a golden knight appears, foiling Caster and Kuzuki.

Episode 18: A Decisive Battle

20min - Shirou, Rin and Saber go to rescue Sakura, who is lost and being controlled by Caster. Her attacks frustrate Rin, who reaches a last resort decision.

Episode 17: Branded as a Witch

22min - Things are awkward between Shirou and Saber after Illyasviel moves in. Shirou and Rin rush to find the cause behind the coma incident in Shinto.

Episode 16: The Sword of Promised Victory

23min - Rin is captured by Berserker, who was thought to be dead. All hope seems lost when Shirou remembers Archer’s words and projects Saber’s lost sword.

Episode 15: The Twelve Ordeals

22min - They escaped Einzbern Castle, but Shirou & co. hide as Saber seems at her limit. Rin suggests transplanting Shirou’s magic circuit, but it is risky.

Episode 14: Beyond the Ideal

21min - Archer stays behind in Einzbern Castle allowing the others to escape. Sure he will lose to Berserker’s crushing attack, he invokes his own trump card.

Episode 13: The Winter Castle

22min - Shirou sits in the park, troubled by his lack of power -- then Illyasviel nabs him. Saber finds out, and she, Rin and Archer set out to save Shirou.

Episode 12: Split the Sky

22min - Shirou and Saber are attacked by Rider while searching for Shinji. When Saber unleashes her Noble Phantasm to protect Shirou, a golden sword appears.

Episode 11: Fresh Blood Shrine

21min - After calling Shirou out to the school, Shinji erects a barrier and tries to defeat him. Shirou summons Saber to help him defeat Rider and Shinji.

Episode 10: A Calm Interlude

23min - Shirou and Saber practice sword fighting in preparation for the real battle. Illyasviel, Master of Berserker, appears to be a different person.

Episode 9: Elegance Under the Moon

23min - Saber faces Assassin when she goes out on her own. Unsure that she can bring him down, she finally considers to release a Noble Phantasm.

Episode 8: Melody of Dissonance

23min - Rider’s master Shinji tells Saber and Shirou that a servant lurks at Ryudo temple. They argue over whether to attack, and Saber ends up going alone.

Episode 7: Despicable Acts

22min - Shirou and Rin work together to slow the spread of the barrier field Rider erected over the school. After they part ways, Rider and her Master appear.

Episode 6: Two Magicians (Part Two)

22min - A new Servant appears before Shirou. Shirou tries to see if he can take care of a crisis by himself without having to summon Saber.

Episode 5: Two Magicians (Part One)

22min - Shirou introduces Saber to Sakura and Taiga as Kiritsugu's distant relative, sparking Taiga's anger. Meanwhile, Archer and Rin investigate gas leaks.

Episode 4: The Strongest Enemy

22min - Shirou has decided to fight the Holy Grail war. Illyasviel and Berserker stand in his way. Shirou is brought near death as he tries to protect Saber.

Episode 3: The Curtain Rises

22min - Saber, a Servant in the form of a beautiful girl, saves Shirou’s life. Rin fills Shirou in on the Holy Grail War and asks if he is prepared to fight.

Episode 2: Fateful Night

23min - Shirou witnesses Lancer and Rin fighting. Then Lancer pierces Shirou’s heart. Although someone saves him, something else attacks again.

Episode 1: The First Day

23min - High schooler Emiya Shirou lives in Fuyuki City. Amid the strange events that begin the Holy Grail War, magus Rin Tosaka prepares to fight.