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No Place Like Home

Dorothy, Glinda and the Wizard face off on the battlefield, while Tip and West storm Emerald City.

The Villain That's Become

Dorothy and Lucas find themselves fighting on opposite sides, while the Wizard storms Ev to obtain his arsenal.

Lions in Winter

West employs dangerous magic to help Tip remember her past, while Lucas tries to readjust to life with Glinda.

They Came First

Dorothy, Lucas and Sylvie journey north to Glinda's palace, while the Wizard enlists West's help to track down any new witches.

Beautiful Wickedness

The Wizard's past is revealed, including his connection to Dorothy. Lucas goes to great lengths to regain his memory.

Everybody Lies

West interrogates Dorothy to get answers about East's death, while the Wizard asks the Kingdom of Ev to build him an arsenal.

Science and Magic

Dorothy and Lucas' mission is sidetracked by the arrival of a mysterious young girl, while Tip finds herself caught between Glinda and West.

Mistress New Mistress

Dorothy takes a dangerous risk in hopes of returning home, while Tip and Jack travel to the city of Ev to reverse Tip's condition.

Prison of the Abject

While trying to find a way home, Dorothy meets an amnesiac wounded soldier and a young man trying to free his best friend from a mysterious woman.

The Beast Forever

While searching for her mother, Dorothy Gale is swept up in a tornado and transported to a mystical world ruled by an all-powerful Wizard; as Dorothy begins her search to find her way home, she encounters an amnesiac and the witch, East.