Episode 6: What's for Dinner?

25min - <div dir="auto">Everything is coming to a climax for team Orica-Scott and Hannah and her crew. To prepare for the traditional final dinner, Hannah goes to sea in search of fresh tuna. Meanwhile, Matt White rallies the team for their final battles. It&#x27;s all or nothing now.

Episode 5: I Just Want to Click Out and Go Home.

26min - <div dir="auto">Hannah and her crew discover a biodynamic farm with nutrient dense produce. As Orica-Scott&#x27;s Road Captain Matthew Hayman starts to feel the strain, the team stumbles, and rivals close in on the team&#x27;s lead.

Episode 4: This is the Nitro Boost of Energy.

28min - <div dir="auto">Halfway through the tour, team Orica-Scott is off to a rocky start when their riders get knocked around by wind and multiple crashes. Meanwhile, Hannah sets out to source steak from the Pyrenees to celebrate Bastille Day. 

Episode 3: Here are the Golden Words: You are What You Eat

29min - <div dir="auto">Orica-Scott must fight to hold onto their gains, even as race fatigue threatens their standing on the leaderboard. Hannah and her crew source from markets in the Medieval town of Troyes, France, and a nearby dairy farm to create a spectacular feast for the weary riders.

Episode 2: I Pushed the Limit...And I Found It

27min - <div dir="auto">In quick succession, Orica-Scott must endure two major blows to their chances at the podium and a death in the team family. Hannah sets out to cook a meal that will both fuel victory and raise morale. The entire team learns that winning comes to those who adapt and fight on.

Episode 1: You've Got to Be In It To Win It

31min - <div dir="auto">Performance Chef Hannah Grant preps her crew for the battle ahead: Feeding Australian cycling team Orica-Scott during the 2017 Tour de France. Orica-Scott&#x27;s Sports Director Matthew White and the riders face the challenge of dangerous weather on day one.

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