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Episode 10

30min - The whole family heads out to Miami for a holiday that wraps up with the world premiere of Kim's new song for Key West Pride.

Episode 9

30min - Brielle attempts to move out and live on her own, but things don't go to plan. Ariana wants to get her driver's license.

Episode 8

30min - Brielle finally moves out, and Kim finds herself immediately struggling to cope with the change in her home.

Episode 7

30min - It's Kim's 40th birthday, so the family have put on a gambling-themed extravaganza for her and everyone is invited.

Episode 6

30min - Kim is horrified about her impending 40th birthday, and Brielle has a shocking announcement for the family.

Episode 5

30min - Single Brielle is looking to find love, while the Biermann family walk a mile in the shoes of a food truck worker.

Episode 4

30min - Kim and Kroy disagree over Brielle's living arrangements and don't want Ariana to follow suit. They lay down the law to Ariana that she has to go to college.

Episode 3

30min - The Biermanns take a gun safety course after a break-in near their home. Brielle finds the perfect apartment, but can she get Kim and Kroy's blessing to move out?

Episode 2

30min - Kim tries everything to convince Brielle to stay. Ariana is desperate to get her driver's licence. A visit from a psychic brings up secrets.

Episode 1

30min - Arianna has found true love and is over the moon. Brielle wants to leave the nest. Kroy is looking for a new job. There's a lot going on.