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Episode 19: The End of Time: Part 2

1h 13min - When The Master's plan spirals out of control, Doctor Who faces the end of his life as the regeneration process begins, and a new Doctor is revealed.

Episode 18: The End of Time: Part 1

1h - The Doctor's nemesis The Master has been reborn, and the two battle from the streets of London to the mysterious Immortality Gate.

Episode 17: The Waters of Mars

1h 2min - While visiting Mars, the Doctor crosses paths with a crew of scientists, who become infected by an alien water creature that threatens their lives.

Episode 16: Planet of the Dead

59min - The Doctor and his fellow passengers on a bus are transported to a planet inhabited by an endangered anthropomorphic species known as the Tritovore.

Episode 15: The Next Doctor

1h 1min - When the Doctor arrives in Victorian London on Christmas Eve, he starts to investigate a spate of mysterious deaths and meets another Doctor.

Episode 14: Journey's End

1h 4min - In the wake of Davros's threat to destroy the universe, the Doctor's companions unite to stop the Dalek empire.

Journey's End

46min - As Davros and the Daleks threaten the universe, the Doctor's companions join forces.

The Stolen Earth

50min - Earth's greatest heroes assemble to fight the New Dalek Empire.

Turn Left

44min - Donna’s entire world collapses, but there’s no sign of the Doctor. Instead, she finds help from a mysterious blonde woman – a traveller from a parallel universe. But as Donna and Rose Tyler combine forces, are they too late to save the whole of creation from the approaching darkness?


46min - The Doctor is trapped on the planet Midnight, and the knocking on the wall begins.

Forest of the Dead

43min - As the shadows rise, the Doctor forges an alliance with the mysterious River Song.

Silence in the Library

45min - One hundred years ago, the Universe’s greatest library was sealed off with only a cryptic warning as explanation: “Count the shadows.” However, it now appears that the shadows are on the move again. The Doctor and Donna must uncover the terrible truth behind the Nodes and the horrifying Data Ghost to uncover the Library’s secret.

The Unicorn and the Wasp

46min - In 1926, Agatha Christie disappeared for ten days. Was a giant alien wasp to blame?

The Doctor's Daughter

45min - As the shadows of war loom on the planet Messaline, the Doctor meets the most important woman of his life.

The Poison Sky

45min - As the Sontarans choke the Earth, the Doctor and UNIT battle to keep both Martha and Donna alive.

The Sontaran Stratagem

44min - Martha Jones summons the Doctor back to UNIT and modern-day Earth, but an old enemy lies in wait.

Planet of the Ood

49min - On her first alien world, Donna finds the human race has developed dark secrets.

The Fires of Pompeii

49min - It's Volcano Day in Pompeii...Can Donna dare the Doctor to change history?

Partners in Crime

1h 12min - Donna Noble is determined to find the Doctor again – even if it means braving the villainous Miss Foster and her hordes of sinister Adipose. But when the alien threat escalates out of control, can Donna find her Time Lord before the march of the Adipose begins?

Voyage of the Damned

When disaster hits the luxury spaceship Titantic, the Doctor uncovers a threat to the whole human race.