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Episode 10: Nice Jacket

41min - Dirk discovers the identity and location of "the boy" and attempts a rescue, but self-declared Queen Suzie won't easily loosen her grip on Wendimoor.

Episode 9: Trouble Is Bad

40min - War consumes Wendimoor as reunited lovers Panto and Silas try to stop the bloodshed, troops invade Blackwing, and the Mage turns allies into enemies.

Episode 8: Little Guy, Black Hair

41min - Ken becomes de facto leader of Blackwing, Farah and Tina track the Mage, and Dirk recruits the Rowdy 3 to help rescue Todd and Amanda from execution.

Episode 7: That Is Not Miami

40min - In Wendimoor, Dirk wrestles with self-doubt, Todd reunites with Amanda, and Suzie gets a crown. But "there's a good chance this is all just a drawing."

Episode 6: Girl Power

42min - Dirk, Todd, Farah and Tina decide that answers must lie in Wendimoor, but Amanda glimpses a dark future while Suzie joins forces with the Mage.

Episode 5: Shapes and Colors

42min - Dirk, Todd, Farah and Tina stumble upon a surviving member of the Cardenas family before attending a concert. Amanda is tutored by a witch.

Episode 4: The House Within the House

42min - Amanda is transported to Wendimoor, Dirk falls down a chute into a bizarre version of the Cardenas home, and Farah partners with Tina to find Suzie.

Episode 3: Two Broken Fingers

41min - Hobbs and his new prisoners/friends probe a decades-old murder. Bart joins the group, and events in the fantasy world of Wendimoor take a dark turn.

Episode 2: Fans of Wet Circles

41min - Reunited with Dirk at last, Todd and Farah join Sheriff Hobbs to explore an abandoned property, while local resident Suzie discovers untapped powers.

Episode 1: Space Rabbit

41min - Dirk undergoes pointless testing at Blackwing. Todd and Farah's search for Dirk leads them to rural Bergsberg, Montana, where Bart also appears.