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Stridshest mod stridshest

44min - Jason buys an iconic Plymouth Deluxe for $600 and when Bryan finds a '68 Dodge Charger he takes that on too. But can they fix them both up in time for auction?

Pontiac GTO

44min - Ron wants to enter a Pontiac GTO to the Russo and Steele Collector Car Show. But with only a shell to work with, can the crew find all the parts and fix it up in time?


44min - Ron puts $10,000 into a classic '50 Cadillac and there is huge interest at auction - but at the last minute he has doubts about letting it go. Will the sale go ahead?

Chevelle SS

44min - When Jason finds a convertible '66 Chevelle, Ron bumps up the budget to $13,000 and gives the crew three weeks to fix it up. Will he be pleased with the restoration?

Dårlige undskyldninger

44min - Ben, the new shop manager, finds himself in a tight spot after an accident damages part of the 1964 Plymouth Barracuda restoration.


43min - The McClure crew are on the hunt to restore classic American cars to their original glory, get them back on the road and of course, make a profit at auction.

De unge mod de gamle

44min - Jason restores a classic 1970 442 Oldsmobile to race against his dad on the drag strip - who will win? Plus, the yard has to close while rattlesnakes are cleared out.

Kør som en vinder

44min - The crew is restoring a 1950 Studebaker Champion coupe but there are serious problems with this legendary car. Plus, who will win the tow truck contest?

En galakseblaffers håndbog

44min - Jason is seriously impressed when Ron picks up a classic '62 Galaxie for only $900. What can they make on this restoration project at auction?

Reservedele og restaurering

44min - Ron persuades Jason to restore a classic '65 Ford Thunderbird saved from the crusher instead of selling it for parts. But will their big investment pay off?