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Episode 11: 2019

3min - In this Episode Cassie secretly watches as Dai has a seizure and sees a vision of world war in 2019.

Episode 10: Parallel Universe

3min - In this Episode Soldiers corner, Dai and a deadly battle ensues, with runaway, Cassie, caught in harm's way. Dai slips into a parallel universe to combat the soldiers.

Episode 9: One Year Later

3min - In this Episode DaiOne year later, Dai re-immerges as musical artist, Dark Prophet, to delivers a song to DJ Rashnu.

Episode 8: No Turning Back

4min - In this Episode Dai faces his destiny when life altering surprises result in a deadly battle with Six.

Episode 7: Cipher

3min - In this Episode Dai discovers a cipher hidden in the binary code of songs.

Episode 6: The Mission

3min - Gen. Luther sets off the first mission of his master plan, which revolves around Dai.

Episode 5: Close Enemies

3min - Gen. Luther and Col. Hayes plot to get Dai back in the clinical trial.

Episode 4: Dai and his Girl

4min - Dai charms his girlfriend, Sabrina, into forgiving him by writing her a song in 1.2 seconds.

Episode 3: Target Dai

3min - Dai Shepherd feels like he's being followed as Soldier Six secretly pursues him and reports his findings to his superior, Col. Hayes. At Black Box headquarters, Intel Officers brief Col. Hayes about stolen military arms.

Episode 2: Black Box Soldier Training

2min - After Soldier Six leads a hardcore martial arts training, he's assigned his next mission: Dai Shepherd.

Episode 1: The Clinic

5min - Dai Shepherd undergoes a memory expansion trial that awakens his ability to see the future.

Episode 0