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46min - The former Russian secret agent Valentina Michailova murdered the Press officer of the right-wing of the Freedom Romanian Party with a garrote. Since her motives are very personal, the ICC have to hurry to catch the professional killer . Her next victim is Solbak, the head of the Party. Marco makes a new step in the investigation of his missing sister.


46min - The mysterious death of a journalist who is about to give an exclusive to Dorn's unit has to do with the world of drug, counterfeit and terrorist weapons.

Enemy of the People

46min - When the locker room of a football team is bombarded, the research leads to a racist motive and exposes a dark secret of the profitable owner.


46min - The investigation on the death of key figures of a controversial Hydro-Electric project exposes the secret life of a contractor.


46min - During the search for a cargo of lethal polonium, Carine faces a former researcher at the school that makes her question her ability to lead the ICC.

Lost and Found

46min - The pursuit of a known drug dealer leads the ICC to a cospiracy, an effort to ruin the reputation of a famous human rights activist.


46min - The ICC team must race against the clock to find a murder suspect who is infected with a deadly disease.


45min - A killer who escaped justice on a technicality has moved close to the Hague and started killing people. Marco who investigated the original case is incensed, but then the case takes a strange turn when the killer is murdered.

In Loco Parentis

46min - The team travels to Italy to investigate the assassination of a prominent Judge. Meanwhile, Sebastian finds a lead on Marco's sister's abduction.


47min - After a bus hijacking concludes with the death of the daughter of an American Ambassador, the ICC team must determined if her death was collateral damage, of if she was targeted.


41min - Following Sophie Baines' rescue from her captors, the ICC team must race to find Baines' source before his life is threatened. The ICC Cross-border unit is reactivated.


46min - Six months after the ICC Cross-border Unit is shut down following Major Daniel's death, Dorn is heading a warlord's trial when his second, Sophie Baines, is kidnapped after delivering evidence against the warlord.