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Episode 20: Silence Of The Night

40min - In the tension-filled season finale, Atwater gets a surprise blast from the past when he goes undercover to take down a drug ring.

Episode 19: Buried Secrets

39min - The team races to solve a woman's kidnapping. Ruzek begins to distance himself from Burgess, leaving her confused.

Episode 18: Lines

40min - As intelligence try to bring down an elusive drug kingpin, Rojas realises that someone she cares about might be involved.

Episode 17: Before The Fall

40min - Voight enlists an unlikely helper to assist in a murder case, while a brewing gang war threatens more lives.

Episode 16: Intimate Violence

40min - An armed robbery-turned-homicide investigation forces Upton to confront her past when a suspect's background suggests domestic violence.

Episode 15: Burden Of Truth

40min - A homicide investigation opens up as Intelligence find the dealer who caused multiple overdoses dead. Part two of the Chicago Fire crossover.

Episode 14: Center Mass

40min - Intelligence are finally lead to a elusive criminal following the murder of a homeless man, and Rojas has a troubling experience.

Episode 13: I Was Here

40min - Burgess receives a distressing 911 call, prompting her to enlist the team's help in locating a girl caught up in a sex-trafficking ring.

Episode 12: The Devil You Know

40min - Voight makes a deal with Darius Walker, and goes head to head with Upton, who enacts her own form of justice.

Episode 11: 43rd And Normal

40min - A string of deadly acts of vandalism raises tension in a close-knit neighbourhood. Ruzek and Burgess' secret seriously affects their work.

Episode 10: Mercy

40min - As everyone awaits news on Halstead, the team turn their attention to an illegal arms dealer and Atwater discovers a shocking link to the case.

Episode 9: Absolution

40min - Things come to a head when Halstead's secret relationship with a woman connected to another case puts him in a life-threatening situation.

Episode 8: No Regrets

40min - Things take a dark turn when a homicide case becomes a missing persons case. Meanwhile, Burgess gets a shocking diagnosis.

Episode 7: Informant

40min - The team have a difficult decision to make about Darius when a plan to catch a drug dealer ends in disaster.

Episode 6: False Positive

40min - Voight urges Halstead to remain impartial when an Army recruitment centre is bombed and the leader of a local mosque becomes a suspect.

Episode 5: Brother's Keeper

40min - The team are challenged by a homicide investigation in a Bulgarian neighbourhood as the locals refuse to talk to police.

Episode 4: Infection, Part III

40min - The PD undertake their biggest manhunt yet, but get caught up on a wild goose chase in the process. Last in the crossover event.

Episode 3: Familia

40min - Voight's unit goes up against a smart drug kingpin when a carjacking goes wrong, giving their newest recruit a chance to shine.

Episode 2: Assets

40min - Atwater goes undercover in a drug ring and has a surprising revelation about the kingpin. Halstead tries to join him, but encounters a problem.

Episode 1: Doubt

40min - When Voight becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation, Upton and Halstead try to prove his innocence in the seventh season's premiere.