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New uniforms ramp up the excitement as the Sharks arrive in Orlando to attempt a third consecutive championship and go sightseeing at Disney World.

Romance and Retribution

With Nationals looming, the Sharks have their chance to prove how far they've come. But personal lives might get in the way for L.A. and Nubs.

Rock Bottom

The Sharks try to get back on track as Ali shakes things up at practice, Nubs and Horch get tattoos, and Knoxy and the twins visit a donkey sanctuary.

Texas Stars

The Sharks go to Dallas for the NCA All-Star National Championship. But after a fun night of line dancing, nerves and mistakes shake their confidence.

Desperate Measures

Early setbacks lead Ali to make a risky decision about a replacement flyer for the first big showcase. Meanwhile, Nubs looks forward to her prom.

Stage Fright

The Sharks do some soul-searching after Chomp Down. In between tough training and stress, hockey boys are a nice distraction for Knoxy and the twins.

Showcase Showdown

Coach Ali works with the Sharks on a new routine that includes the risky 'Scorp-Up' for Chomp Down, a video that goes out to millions on the internet.

Summer Heat

While squad members prepare for their first big event at a pro football game, one girl worries about becoming an alternate, and the twins try dating.

Standing Out and Fitting In

New members bring unique skills to the Sharks as they head to Hot Shots camp in Miami, where fun follows intense competition among cheer squad elites.

Building a New Dream Team

The world-champion Sharks enter the finals determined to repeat their win. Coach Ali looks toward next year to keep the momentum going for the team.