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Fluid Management

41min - Chance struggles to understand the truth of his tragic encounter with Blackstone.

Camera Obscura

42min - Chance is trained in hand-to-hand combat in preparation for a confrontation with Blackstone.

The House of Space and Time

40min - Proof of Blackstone’s criminal activities comes from an unexpected source as Chance is finally poised to take down his enemy.

Unlocking Your Hidden Powers

39min - Chance’s world is thrown into chaos when he uncovers the truth about the people closest to him.

The Unflinching Spark

47min - Awaiting the fallout from their last mission, Chance fears for his family’s safety. During a night alone with Jaclyn, Chance suspects his patient may not be as helpless as he believed.

A Still Point in the Turning World

43min - Desperate to incriminate Blackstone, Chance and D take their surveillance to the next level.

The Mad Doctor

44min - Chance and D begin surveillance of Blackstone, hoping to get hard evidence of his corruption. Chance's desire to help Jaclyn veers into obsessive, making him question the mission and his own sanity.

Hiring It Done

41min - As Jaclyn continues her therapy, Chance attempts to protect himself and his family from Blackstone's latest round of harassments.

The Axiom of Choice

39min - Chance investigates Jaclyn's last psychiatrist and a secret rendezvous with Jaclyn forces an ominous encounter.

The Summer of Love

48min - Dr. Eldon Chance resolves to help Jaclyn Blackstone, a woman with a second personality, escape her abusive, crooked cop husband with the help of a dangerous, Nietzsche-quoting, antique furniture restorer known simply as D.

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