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Grey Skulls

22min - Black claims to have escaped the Mysterons' control, urging Scarlet to join him on a mission to obliterate the Mysterons' Martian city and end the war.


22min - Scarlet and Blue pursue a Phoenix policeman whom the Mysterons have used to steal lethal spores, but the trail goes cold when he is supplanted by a member of a bike gang.


22min - The Mysterons use a gaseous substance to form an identical copy of Scarlet, which then returns to Cloudbase with deadly intent...


22min - Scarlet discovers a plot by Captain Black to steal a Bison, with which he can attack any Spectrum installation at will.

Storm at the End of the World

22min - Searching for a stolen Russian tank in Alaska, Scarlet and Blue are captured and forced to dig for a meteorite that holds the power to end life on Earth.

Fallen Angels

22min - Destiny, Harmony and Melody are stranded on a tropical island - but the idyll turns sour when they are pursued by replicant pirates...

Syrtis Major

22min - Vulcan Industries has sent a maintenance team to Mars, and Scarlet and the Spectrum agents investigate when contact with the team is lost.


22min - The Mysterons attempt to seize a new stealth warship. Scarlet, White and Green are on board, and now find themselves trapped by its automated systems.


22min - The designer of a powerful new bomb is killed and turned into a Mysteron replicant; Spectrum turns to his twin brother, a convicted criminal, to try to communicate with him.

Best of Enemies

22min - In Russia's Far North, Captain Black acquires an experimental limpet mine. Scarlet pursues him, but both find themselves trapped in a Rhino beneath the Arctic ice.


22min - The Angels are unable to intercept a Mysteron spaceship, which lands in Australia's Northern Territory. Scarlet, Blue, Ochre and Gray investigate, but soon become helpless captives.


22min - A virus infects Skybase computers, causing those afflicted to take their own lives. Can Scarlet and Destiny erase it before they too fall victim?

Touch of the Reaper

22min - Two scientists are turned into Mysteron replicants with the power to kill with a single touch. Scarlet and Blue must locate them before they put a deadly plan into action.