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The Achilles Messenger

22min - A Spectrum commander is killed and returned to the base as a replicant. Can she be trusted when she claims that not all Mysterons support the war against Earth?


22min - Colonel White's daughter is abducted, her captors demanding help with a bullion raid. An escape plan is launched - but a still greater threat is yet to be revealed.

Trap for a Rhino

22min - An elderly lady in the Scottish Highlands reports a UFO sighting above a nuclear power station. But at the woman's cottage all is not as it appears...


22min - Scarlet discovers a plan to smuggle a bomb aboard Skybase, but a Mysteron attack renders him powerless to warn the crew of the impending disaster.

Skin Deep

22min - Destiny is ambushed by Captain Black; CCTV footage then shows a replicant Destiny stealing top-secret launch codes. Scarlet sets out to eliminate the imposter.

Rain of Terror

22min - Spectrum assists a professor in her experiment to generate rain. The initial attempt succeeds, but she is then suddenly gripped by an inexplicable, violent paranoia...

Circles of Doom

22min - Several crop circles appear at the site of a near-fatal air crash, pointing to the emergence of a new and potentially devastating Mysteron weapon.

Mercury Falling

22min - Destiny and Blue lose control of Mercury, a nuclear-powered shuttle; Spectrum then receives a ransom demand with a threat to crash-land the shuttle on Washington DC.

The Homecoming

22min - An escape pod from the first manned mission to Jupiter crash-lands in the Arctic. The one surviving crew member is Lt Green's father. But is the survivor all he seems?

Rat Trap

22min - Scarlet leads a team investigating loss of contact with the Mars base. Under attack, they crash-land on the surface - to find all the personnel have been murdered...


22min - Finding her Falcon engulfed by a swarm of robotic insects, Destiny is rescued by Scarlet. They return to Skybase - unwittingly carrying some of the bugs with them...

Instrument of Destruction: Part Two

23min - Captain Black is linked to a blast at a military research installation; Scarlet and Blue liaise with the FBI in a bid to trace the rogue Spectrum agent.

Instrument of Destruction: Part One

23min - Believing they are under attack on Mars, Captains Scarlet and Black destroy the Mysterons' city. In revenge, the aliens vow to annihilate all Earthmen...