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Episode 8: Little Bug / Paint

12min - A little bug keeps the Buddis busy with its big appetite — and an even bigger surprise. The friends find paint and take turns to make a lovely mess.

Episode 7: Whistle / Bubble

12min - Iso is sad because she can't whistle like her friends but learns there's more than one way to make a wonderful noise. The Buddis make silly bubbles.

Episode 6: Pool / Fruit

12min - Puna's too nervous to jump in a pool but finds a way to join the fun. The Buddis get a sweet reward after they work together to reach some fruit.

Episode 5: Gooey Ball / Rocks

12min - What's that weird, muddy thing rolling around? The curious Buddis investigate. Later, a colorful dancing rock guides the friends to a cave of wonders.

Episode 4: Puzzle / Maze

12min - The Buddis solve the mystery of some strange scattered objects. A big maze leads to frustration, and then ... a fantastic treat!

Episode 3: Leaf / Nest

12min - How much fun are fallen leaves? A whole big pile of fun! Later the Buddis help an egg that's fallen from its nest and make a cute new friend.

Episode 2: Lost Marble / Mirror

12min - Kelta won't share his marble and is left to play alone, but when it rolls away he needs help. A mirror scares Cini until he takes another look.

Episode 1: Seed / Hole

12min - An unusual seed sprouts surprises for the Buddis. When Cini falls into a hole, he feels scared until he finds a way back to his friends.