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Episode 15: Wanna-Bey Zilla and Sly Zilla

1h - One bride's wedding is at risk of being cancelled thanks to some threats from the venue. And another bride learns her mother may not be able to attend her wedding.

Episode 14: Rebel Zilla and Wanna-Bey Zilla

1h - Devlyn has to deal with two unexpected surprises courtesy of her mother-in-law and her father. Aliyon clashes with her bridesmaids.

Episode 13: Rebel Zilla and Queen Zilla

1h - A rebellious bride clashes with her mother-in-law over her redneck wedding and another bride gatecrashes her groom's bachelor party.

Episode 12: Cake Zilla and Runaway ZIlla

1h - Paige's rehearsal dinner is ruined when a family feud re-emerges fuelled by alcohol and Veronica gets cold feet and refuses to walk down the aisle.

Episode 11: Runaway ZIlla and Vain Zilla

1h - A battle with a groomsman and a beauty mishap leads Veronica to seriously consider not showing up. Kat gets into a panic after her wedding dress goes missing.

Episode 10: Runaway Zilla and Wine Zilla

1h - Reality series featuring nightmare brides. Veronica gets rattled by tiny details going wrong and threatens to flee. Liz turns to alcohol when she gets cold feet.

Episode 9: Where Are They Now

1h - Reality series featuring nightmare brides. This episode catches up with some of the brides featured in the series.

Episode 8: Naughty Zilla and Pushover Zilla

1h - Reality series featuring nightmare brides on their wedding days. A rehearsal dinner opens old family wounds and Veronica starts to doubt whether she should get married at all.

Episode 6: Storm Zilla and Queen Zilla

1h - Sam realises her mother-in-law might not be her biggest problem when the groom goes missing, and Ruby isn't happy on her royal wedding-themed day.

Episode 5: Cry Zilla and Storm Zilla

1h - A CryZilla bride makes a shocking threat after a clash with the crew while StormZilla Sam risks everything after her tantrums hit her mother-in-law.

Episode 4: Pageant Zilla and Storm Zilla

1h - Featuring a bride who wants her wedding day to go viral while her husband-to-be has to second-guess her decisions.

Episode 3: Virgin Zilla and Pageant

1h - A bride comes to blows with her fiance's family. Another bride worries about missing out on her social media feeds.

Episode 2: Virgin Zilla and Cougar Zilla

1h - Carmen's groom threatens the wedding. Virtuous Michelle's fiance finds out about her wild bachelorette party featuring a special guest named Python.

Episode 1: Country Zilla and Cougar Zilla

1h - Natashia struggles to keep her wild alter-ego 'Poundcake' in check as problems occur with flowers, 'mama drama' and the groom.