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Episode 6: The Elephant in the Room

27min - At their wild holiday office party, two new employees hear strange rumors and try to solve the mystery of a coworker's grisly plunge from the roof.

Episode 5: The Old School

28min - Idealistic teacher Sanna moves to a country school reopening after 40 years, where a mysterious tragedy reaches out to her from beyond the grave.

Episode 4: Lab Rats

33min - A pharmaceutical industry titan humiliates dinner guests — including his wife — when he discovers that one of them has stolen a valuable prototype.

Episode 3: Bad Writer

28min - The privileged Olivia eagerly embraces her new writing class but her instructor and an awkward fellow student soon have her questioning reality.

Episode 2: Three Sick Brothers

27min - After three years in a psychiatric hospital, Erik drives to his family's cabin with his brothers but trouble starts when they pick up a hitchhiker.

Episode 1: Ultimate Sacrifice

31min - City dweller Molly has difficulty adjusting to a new, downsized life in the country — until she learns why her neighbors are so attached to their pets.