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Zodiac Attack (2)

Zodiac Attack (1)

Zodiak Attack - Part 2

43min - Darcy questions her courage and quits being Black Scorpin- until Dr. Phoenix clones her fater Lt. Walker. Together father and daughter battle Professor Prophet and the four elemental supervillains under his command.

Zodiak Attack - Part 1

43min - Ridiculed because none of his predictions came true, Professor Prophet, a washed-up psychic, fulfills his own prophecy that the City of Angels will be destroyed by earth, fire, wind and water. He forces Breathtaker, Aftershock, Inferno and Hurricane to carry out his evil plan. It's Black Scorpion against all of her worst enemies.

Face the Music

43min - Vox Populi, the lead singer of the world's worst band, finds the only way she can sell records is through subliminal recordings that make her young fans (including Darcy's pal, Tender Lovin') turn violent.

Photo Finish

44min - Flashpoint escapes from jail and snaps a photo of Black Scorpion unmasked - forcing Darcy to ask Dr. Phoenix to clone her in order to convince Steve (and the city) that she is not Black Scorpion. However, like most of the professor's clones, the Darcy clone turns evil and the real Black Scorpion is forced to fight her equal in a bid to preserve her good name.

Power Play

42min - When Mayor Worth ignores the warnings of his Deputy Mayor, Edwina Watts, and proceeds with his plan to put his name in lights, Edwina is accidentally electrocuted and becomes the villainess Stunner. She threatens to unleash her raging electrical current through every outlet in the city, turning household appliances into deadly bombs.

He Who Laughs Last

42min - Gangster Prankster, sick of being the butt of jokes, escapes jail and forces Argyle to invent a weapon to punish anyone in City of Angels who laughs.

Kiss of Death

42min - A new female detective is suspended after Darcy backs a suspect's brutality charge against her. Suspended but anxious to continue her job, the new detective becomes a lethal vigilante known as Angel of Death.

Bad Sport

42min - A hockey star is paralyzed during a fixed playoff game and forced to live in a suit of powered armor. He evens the score with those who betrayed him by becoming the futuristic hockey villain, Snapshot.

Virtual Vice

43min - Dr. Sarah Bellum plans to shelter the homeless by creating a virtual reality world for them to live in. When Mayor Worth rejects her proposal, she becomes MindBender, a sexy VR specialist who uses her powers of virtual persuasion to create fantasies that transform into reality.

Fire and Brimstone

42min - Darcy and Steve are reunited with their old flames, Inferno and Medusa, when the two supervillains team up to destroy the City of Angels by creating a volcano.

Roses Are Red, You're Dead

42min - A fiendish florist called Greenthumb plots to control the City of Angels' oxygen supply by selling Valentine's Day flowers laced with a poisonous pollen that saps the strength of the population. Because only Greenthumb possesses the antidote, he holds the city hostage.

Life's a Gas

42min - When an environmental scientist's experiments go awry, she is turned into Pollutia, a superpollutant whose breath causes others to become superpollutants, as well. She decides that consumers are the real source of pollution and vows to erase humankind from Earth, to leave the planet free to cleanse itself.

An Officer and a Prankster

43min - Gangster Prankster is resuscitated by Dr. Phoenix and genetically altered to be an upstanding citizen. When the plan goes awry, Gangster Prankster reassembles his old gang and plots to destroy City of Angels with laughing gas.

No Sweat

43min - Aerobicide, a sexy-but-deadly aerobics instructor, exercises overweight millionaires to death. Her evil plan? Take control of the city by decimating the male population.

Crime Time

43min - Clockwise vows to steal "time" from the judge and jury who wrongly sentenced him to 25 years in jail. He plots to take the same number of years off their lives with his biological time bombs.

No Stone Unturned

43min - Medusa, the owner of a ritzy mineral spa, abducts the city's most eligible bachelors, including Darcy's partner, Steve. When Medusa starts turning them into statues, only Black Scorpion can save them.

Out of Thin Air

44min - Breathtaker is resuscitated by the mad-but-benign Dr. Phoenix. Unfortunately for the populace of City of Angels, Breathtaker plots to torture the city with a nerve gas that brings their fears to life through dangerous hallucinations.

Love Burns

45min - Darcy carries a torch for a heroic fireman who goes insane and becomes the arsonist supervillain Inferno, who is determined to use his power to make objects spontaneously combust to burn down the City of Angels.

Home Sweet Homeless

43min - AfterShock, a former seismologist who has discovered how to create earthquakes, joins forces with the homeless in an attempt to take over the City of Angels.

Blinded by the Light

43min - Blinded in his attempt to capture the identity of Black Scorpion on film, a photojournalist becomes the vengeful supervillain Flashpoint and vows to blind the entire population of the city with a laser beam.

Wave Goodbye

43min - A beautiful biologist is studying ocean pollution when the Mayor's Yes Men dump toxins on her. Gaining new water-based powers, she becomes Hurricane, vowing to drown the city. Can Black Scorpion calm this evil storm?

Armed and Dangerous

44min - Darcy gets a new partner, and it's just in time. Mayor Worth's pro gun law caused an ex-cop (Martin Kove) to lose his arm. Now reborn as Firearm and retrofitted with a high caliber prosthetic arm, this human arsenal seeks revenge by threatening the city with nuclear annihilation. Only Black Scorpion stands in his way.