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Episode 26: The Long and Winding Road

14min - Buzz wants to know where memories come from, so she goes on an adventure to try and find some for herself.

Episode 25: Good Morning, Good Morning

14min - It's back to the farm for Julia's new pet rooster, Feathers -- unless the Beat Bugs can help him fix his faulty crow.

Episode 24: I'll Be on My Way

14min - When Granny Bee announces she's returning to the hive, Buzz and the Beat Bugs prepare a special picnic with all of her favorite recipes.

Episode 23: Only a Northern Song

14min - Everyone's shocked when Buzz invites strange "Northern" bugs to her birthday party -- but she's determined to make new friends.

Episode 22: Baby, You're a Rich Man

14min - A worried Walter journeys next door to find out what happened to his old friend, Artie, only to learn that he's living the good life!

Episode 21: From Me to You

14min - A wounded Buzz feels left out when Walter meets an overeager mosquito named Mo and makes him his new assistant.

Episode 20: Martha My Dear

14min - The Beat Bugs follow the clues to find Uncle Tusk's missing co-star, Martha, when she disappears right before a big show.

Episode 19: Hey Jude

14min - When Julia's baby sister, Jude, escapes into the garden, it's up to the Beat Bugs to keep her safe -- and that's a whole lot harder than it sounds!

Episode 18: The Night Before

14min - The Beat Bugs wake up after a party with no memory of what happened the night before. But never fear! Buzz is on the case.

Episode 17: Come and Get It

14min - When winter food supplies dip to dangerously low levels, the Beat Bugs go foraging for more and find a stockpile that doesn't belong to them.

Episode 16: Mother Nature's Son

14min - Winter's coming earlier than normal, and Crick's in a panic! But Boris the Bullfrog reminds him that Mother Nature will always provide.

Episode 15: I'm Down

14min - It's Buzz to the rescue when a world-famous flying ace crash-lands in the garden and needs help getting back in the air.

Episode 14: You Won't See Me

14min - The Beat Bugs are hopping mad when Chameleon, a sneaky salesman, tricks them into buying worthless junk. The trouble is, now they can't find him!

Episode 13: Michelle

14min - While searching for a missing Kumi, the Beat Bugs find a mysterious French princess who isn't quite what she seems.

Episode 12: Oh! Darling

14min - The Beat Bugs come face to face with a scary-looking spider while they're out hunting for Halloween candy. Good thing he wants to be friends!

Episode 11: I'm Only Sleeping

14min - Crick goes looking for peace and quiet, only to get stuck in a storm. Can he dream up an invention to get himself -- and his friends -- out of danger?

Episode 10: Lady Madonna

14min - The Beat Bugs leave the safety of the garden and embark on a dangerous mission to help a Russian doll find her missing child.

Episode 9: She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

14min - After Stinkbug's house is destroyed, the Beat Bugs set up a police force to protect the village from a mysterious creature.

Episode 8: Revolution

14min - Kumi looks for a peaceful way to stop a "whachama-nado" from whipping through the garden again. But Jay is itching to fight back!

Episode 7: Let It Be

14min - Buzz follows a "lovely light" and meets a beautiful firefly named Mother Mary, who helps the lost Beat Bugs find their way home.

Episode 6: Taxman

14min - After Bulldog bounds through the village, Cockroach offers to repair the damage. But his help comes with a hefty price tag.

Episode 5: Yesterday

14min - The Beat Bugs do everything they can to reunite Julia with her favorite teddy bear when she accidentally leaves it in the garden.

Episode 4: Two of Us

14min - There's too much togetherness when Walter and his sister, Freda, try living under the same roof. But it's even harder to live apart!

Episode 3: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

14min - After something mysterious wafts through the garden, the Beat Bugs are "cursed" and can't stop speaking in rhyming verse!

Episode 2: Paperback Writer

14min - Self-conscious Kumi doesn't want anyone to see the book she's been working on. But the secret's out when a breeze blows the pages everywhere!

Episode 1: A Day in the Life

14min - After Jay bonks his head and loses his memory, Lucy and the Beat Bugs work together to try and help him remember who he is.