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Episode 10: The Cord

42min - In the season finale, Norman's reality begins to unravel when he finds himself transformed by the destructive actions of his past.

Episode 9: Visiting Hours

38min - Norman finds himself in legal jeopardy. Emma and Dylan struggle to sort through the wreckage of their past. Romero finally gets a shot at revenge.

Episode 8: The Body

43min - With the body count rising, Sheriff Greene begins her murder investigation. But when it comes to protecting Norman, Mother knows best.

Episode 7: Inseparable

41min - When Norman and Mother work together, the result is chilling. Dylan visits the motel. In a moment of desperation, Norman makes an important call.

Episode 6: Marion

44min - Worlds collide when a notable guest checks in to the motel under a fake name. Dylan and Norman have an explosive conversation about the past.

Episode 5: Dreams Die First

44min - Norman retraces Mother's steps, looking for clues about her wild escapades. Marion makes a knee-jerk decision that has significant implications.

Episode 4: Hidden

46min - When complications arise, a worried Norman scrambles to protect his secrets. Romero lies low and searches for a safe place to regroup.

Episode 3: Bad Blood

42min - Chick's mysterious desire to get inside Norman's troubled world finally becomes clear. Romero catches a break -- but ends up in a dire predicament.

Episode 2: The Convergence of the Twain

43min - Norman has a tense conversation with Romero and navigates a complicated double date. Chick shows up bearing gifts.

Episode 1: Dark Paradise

43min - Norman's carefully maintained facade starts to crack. Meanwhile, Emma and Dylan's idyllic existence is disrupted by a guest with unknown motives.