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Axios 4

29min - The fourth episode focuses on faith and the future. AXIOS reporters interview three iconic figures: revolutionary tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, who shares a vison of a near future in which machines are smarter than the humans who made them; Christian evangelist Franklin Graham, who reveals the range of perspectives in the evangelical community; and Microsoft founder and climate change advocate Bill Gates, who discusses the perils the planet faces, and his hope that humanity will actively meet the challenge.

Axios 3

26min - The third episode features a revealing interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook on a range of topics, including augmented reality, industry regulation and gender equity in the tech field. Cook also shares his thoughts on the way digital addictions can creep into people's lives, including his own, and the tools Apple is developing to help users manage screen time. This week's show also includes a poll on people's perceptions of the tech industry and the potential need for regulation, and an exploration of societal issues related to the prospect of increased longevity, going behind the scenes at the laboratory of Harvard scientist Dr. David Sinclair, where he is researching a molecule that he feels holds the secrets to living well longer, perhaps to the age of 150.

Axios 2

27min - Looking at the aftermath of the historic midterm elections, this edition includes: interviews with new congressional committee heads, House Democrats Nita Lowey and Adam Schiff; a poll that probes Republicans' and Democrats' perceptions of one another; and a look at a new style of campaigning by a record number of women candidates.

Axios 1

31min - The first show of the series will feature an exclusive sit-down interview with President Donald J. Trump and Axios journalists Jim VandeHei and Jonathan Swan, covering his views on: birthright citizenship; his relationship with the media; climate change; regulating tech giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook; health care; and the conflict in Yemen.