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I Will

50min - Hodiak comes face-to-face with his admirer; Charlie sends the family into the night in the Season 2 finale.

Mother Nature's Son

41min - The Manson family is desperate for cash; Hodiak tries out retired life; Shafe shoots up heroin and a murder suspect; Walt tastes freedom and it's bittersweet; Charmain finishes what she started with the SDS; and Ken burns his bridges.

Can You Take Me Back

41min - The Manson family finds new digs; Hodiak reaches his breaking point; Shafe and Charmain get a visit from the past; and Emma drops a bomb on Ken.


41min - Emma misses the family; Ken becomes untouchable in Los Angeles; Hodiak tries to stay ahead of the FBI; and Charlie resolves his problems with Church.

Sexy Sadie

41min - Emma's treatment at the hospital is shocking; Ken's secrets surface; and Hodiak goes to bat for Bunchy.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

50min - Charlie gets a little too close to Hodiak while imploring him to find Emma; Shafe comes clean.


41min - Charlie gets a visit from the grave, Shafe fears for his wife's safety, and Hodiak goads a secret admirer.

Revolution 9

41min - Charlie and Dennis finally learn to harmonize; Hodiak deals with his friend's dirty deed.

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

41min - Charlie's not feeling Dennis' good vibrations, and Hodiak receives shocking news. Shafe cleans up for a promotion as Charmain goes back to school.

Revolution 1

41min - Charlie prays for war, Hodiak investigates a Watts murder and Charmain risks everything.

Why Don't We Do It in the Road

41min - Charlie bonds with a Beach Boy, while "Tex" joins the Manson Family. Hodiak and Grace tread familiar territory as Brian takes a stab at a killer and gets rewarded for his sharp work.

Happiness Is a Warm Gun

41min - Charlie cooks up a plan for Ralph and his crew; Hal wakes to a nightmare; and Hodiak gets leverage for his son.

Helter Skelter

41min - Hodiak receives some disturbing fan mail as Charmain takes a dangerous plunge undercover and Brian discovers Roy's true intentions. Ken takes aim at Hal as Charlie fears an old prison mate is back to collect a debt.