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Episode #1.6

1h - Weakened by his crisis of faith and with Michael back on the loose, Jacob realises he needs to be exorcised himself.

Episode #1.5

1h - A sinister apparition of the Virgin Mary begins haunting a Muslim family who seem to have a connection to Michael.

Episode #1.4

1h - Jacob is called to an abortion clinic where he discovers a pregnant woman who is possessed by unborn demons.

Episode #1.3

1h - Despite pressure from the Catholic Church to stop performing exorcisms, Jacob visits a prisoner who displays signs of possession.

Episode #1.2

1h - With Vimal dead, Jacob realizes that all his friends are in danger. He is forced to meet Vimal's murderer on his terms in order to exorcise him.

Episode #1.1

1h - Suspecting her father to be possessed by the devil, a young girl approaches Father Jacob for help.

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