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Episode 10: Apocalypse Then

46min - As a final showdown with the Antichrist looms, the witches share a tearful goodbye and Cordelia puts the fate of billions in the hands of one.

Episode 9: Fire and Reign

38min - Cordelia learns that her home base isn't as secure as she thought. Mallory takes a desperate trip into the past. Mutt and Jeff give Langdon an idea.

Episode 8: Sojourn

37min - Reeling from a devastating loss, Langdon seeks guidance from his father. Later, he stumbles upon a group of true believers.

Episode 7: Traitor

44min - The witches ask a clairvoyant friend to determine who is plotting against them. Meanwhile, Cordelia considers a costly deal.

Episode 6: Return To Murder House

55min - Madison and Behold investigate a home inhabited by familiar faces in hopes of uncovering the truth about Langdon's past.

Episode 5: Boy Wonder

40min - Following a disturbing vision of the future, Cordelia clears Langdon to attempt the Seven Wonders. Meanwhile, John Henry follows his intuition.

Episode 4: Could It Be...Satan?

41min - Three years before the nuclear apocalypse, the Hawthorne School welcomes a new pupil who is quickly put to the test.

Episode 3: Forbidden Fruit

42min - Mallory and Langdon reveal a bit of themselves. A surprise guest crashes the Outpost's masquerade ball. Mead's past comes into focus.

Episode 2: The Morning After

41min - Tension in the bunker rises to a fever pitch when a visitor arrives with ominous news. Emily and Timothy hatch a plan. Gallant sits for an interview.

Episode 1: The End

44min - Following a nuclear apocalypse, a chosen group of survivors hunker down in an underground bunker controlled by a mysterious organization.