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Episode 10: Castle in the Sky

54min - When Joseph goes missing, John fears the worst and pours his heart out to Sara. Kreizler and Sara share past traumas. Kreizler confronts the killer.

Episode 9: Requiem

49min - As Cyrus plans to get revenge against Connor, Sara takes the team to the Census Bureau, where they get a lead on their suspect's whereabouts.

Episode 8: Psychopathia Sexualis

43min - At St. Elizabeths, Kreizler and John learn of a soldier fitting their profile. Hearing their news, Sara visits the suspect's hometown in upstate N.Y.

Episode 7: Many Sainted Men

49min - Mutilations on the latest body suggest the killer may be linked to the Old West. Kreizler is forced to rethink how he treats those in his household.

Episode 6: Ascension

46min - Hoping to lure the killer, the team uses Stevie as bait. Sara catches Kreizler in a strange lie and confronts him. Connor learns Willem is on the run.

Episode 5: Hildebrandt’s Starling

48min - A detail in the letter leads Kreizler to the date of the next murder. Roosevelt learns of Willem Van Bergen and takes matters into his own hands.

Episode 4: These Bloody Thoughts

48min - Kreizler visits a former patient to get inside a sadist's mind. John develops a theory about the silver smile. Mrs. Santorelli gets a horrific letter.

Episode 3: Silver Smile

44min - Sally helps Kreizler better understand the victims' relationship to the killer. When another body is found, Sara notices its location fits a pattern.

Episode 2: A Fruitful Partnership

48min - Giorgio's brother shares with Sara a revealing comment the police made to his family. Kreizler calls a team meeting. John investigates at the brothel.

Episode 1: The Boy on the Bridge

49min - When a boy's mutilated body is found on a bridge, alienist Dr. Kreizler notices similarities to an unsolved murder involving a former patient of his.