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Episode #2.10

58min - With Florentine's future to be decided in court, Mimi is called as a witness. An unexpected person from her past shows up in the courtroom. Kevin and a gang of Real Humans Youth battle Rick for control of Hubattleland. Bea enlists Roger's help in the search for the code.

Episode #2.9

58min - Mimi's condition is getting worse; the Engmans discover something about her past. In an attempt to destroy Florentine, Petra turns to the police and the Real Humans; Claes and Inger fight hard to save her. Jonas continues his plan to transfer his consciousness into his clone, but to succeed, Silas must do him a great service. Jonas begins to doubt David's clone after a disclosure from Bea.

Episode #2.8

58min - Mimi has been hit hard by the virus; Hans is forced to take her to Einar for help. Florentine goes to the law firm for the reading of Douglas' will, where a big secret is revealed. David's clone tries to find a way to rescue Bea while working with with Jonas on the code. Realizing the code is out in the world somewhere, Jonas sends Silus to find it. Rick continues his struggle for freedom.

Episode #2.7

58min - Despite Douglas' objections, Florentine refuses to give up the baby she has stolen. Rick is armed and dangerous and does not intend to bow to any human. Jonas activates David's clone and tries to extract the code; he is forced to enlist the help of Bea, who has other plans. Gordon breaks into Florentine's home to free her from Douglas.

Episode #2.6

58min - Therese wants to move to the more tolerant Holland, but she wants to try to persuade Kevin to come along. Tobias, Betty and Matilda attempt to program Lennart's clone with David's code. Douglas and Florentine must wait three years to adopt a child, but Florentine will not wait. At Hubbattleland, Rick gets hold of a real gun.

Episode #2.5

58min - Bea and Colette have finally found David's clone, but the brain is missing. They continue their hunt while Tobias and Matilda examine the code on the USB stick. A piece is missing and Matilda suspects Mimi may be the key. When Roger is sent out to pick up a hubot, he has a not-so-happy reunion. Florentine's dreams are coming true, but perhaps it's not so desirable to be human after all.

Episode #2.4

58min - As Douglas and Florentine make their wedding plans, Claes cannot help but get involved. At the Engman house, Lennart's clone becomes increasingly restive. Mimi starts work as a full employee at the law firm, but encounters resistance from her colleagues. Tobias and Matilda take Mimi to Transhuman Fest.

Episode #2.3

58min - Bea struggles to get into Greta's safe. The Engman family activate Lennart's clone. Douglas has trouble accepting Florentine's secret. In Hubattleland, Roger makes a disturbing discovery.

Episode #2.2

58min - Bea continues the search for the code that will free the hubots. Tobias struggles with his transhuman sexuality, his desire for Mimi stronger than ever. The Engman family receives a package containing grandpa Engman's clone.

Episode #2.1

58min - Äkta människor utspelar sig i en parallell nutid där gränsen mellan människa och maskin blir alltmer vag. Ett virus drabbar de mänskliga robotarna, hubotarna, och smittan gör dem okontrollerbara. Familjen Engman förstår att de måste kolla om deras hubotar Mimi och Vera smittats av viruset. Huboten Bea aktiveras efter flera månader utan el. Hon tar upp jakten på koden som ska frigöra alla hubotar. Samtidigt ökar motståndet mot hubotarna. I rollerna: Lisette Pagler, Marie Robertson, Leif Andrée, Pia Halvorsen, Johan Paulsen, Josephine Alhanko, Alexander Karim, Måns Nathanaelson m.fl. Del 1 av 10.