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I Make Promises Too, Satō-san

It Sounds Interesting, So I Guess That's Okay

This Really Is War

I Won't Do It

Things Are Getting Kind of Tough in This Country

Kuro-chan, Just Once More, Please!

It's Tough Being a Lapdog

Kuro-chan, Please!

It's Sickening, Right?

I'm Always Scared

Everyone Around Here Is an Idiot


I'll Make You A Promise Too, Mr. Sato

24min - Sato may have been caught off guard, but he has one final trick up his sleeve. He begins picking off the team one by one -- and only Kei can stop him.

But That Makes it Interesting, So Whatever

24min - The U.S. military heads in, but Sato is one step ahead of them. Kei returns to the team. Tosaki is approached by Ajin Okuyama, who has a proposition.

At This Rate... It Really Will Be War!

23min - Sato's negotiations with the government break down and the U.S. military is called in. Internal tension in the Ajin group leads to a fallout.

I Won't Do It

23min - Blaming himself for the failed plan, Kei quits the team. Flush with weapons, Sato initiates his third wave and invades a military base.

You're The One Messing Up My Life!

23min - The Anti-Ajin Special Forces start with the upper hand, but Sato turns the tide. Kei and his team head upstairs to make their final preparations.

This Country Is Going to Get a Little Unsettled

22min - Kei has one last chance to intercept Sato, but he needs Tosaki to ask for an uncomfortable favor. Sato prepares a secret weapon.

Kuro, just once more, please!

24min - Kei and the team try to head off Almeida's car before it can escape into the U.S. Embassy. Meanwhile, Sato prepares for his next assassination.

Must Be Tough Being a Lapdog

22min - With Tosaki captured, Kei and the remaining team members are forced to alter their plans. Izumi's connection to Tosaki is revealed in a flashback.

Kuro, please...

23min - Almeida and Myers question Tosaki but don't find his answers convincing. The minister is next on Sato's list and the team makes their preparations.

They Make Me Sick

24min - The U.S. Department of Defense makes a visit. Kaito, still captive, protects his new cellmate Takeshi, who is the target of some curious delinquents.

But I'm Always Scared

24min - Tosaki has come up with a plan to catch Sato, but Kei feels out of place on the team. Meanwhile, Sato moves to the second man on the list.

I'm Surrounded by Idiots

24min - Kei and Ko get used to life on Tosaki's team and are visited by someone thought to be dead. Sato dons a disguise to prepare for a fateful flight.

I'm Getting Sick of This

22min - Sato begins his "Second Wave" and targets 15 people for assassination. Kei and Ko realize they'll need outside help and make a proposition.