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Episode 8

43min - With danger at every turn, Diana and Matthew are forced to run. But will they escape in time? The Sky original production concludes.

Episode 7

43min - Diana's aunts' home gives up all sorts of secrets when Diana and Matthew pay a visit. Danger looms as Juliette breaks free from Gerbert.

Episode 6

42min - Lindsay Duncan, Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer discuss the secrets behind that magical scene at Sept-Tours.

Episode 5

42min - A behind the scenes look at Diana and Matthew's forbidden affair. With Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode.

Episode 4

42min - Cast and crew take a closer look at the power and importance of Ashmole 782. With Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer.

Episode 3

41min - Greg McHugh (Hamish), Daniel Ezra (Nathaniel) and Aisling Loftus (Sophie) take a closer look at the daemons.

Episode 2

43min - Lindsay Duncan and Matthew Goode are among cast taking a closer look at the vampires' history, powers and pack mentality.

Episode 1

44min - From Satu and Peter Knox to Diana and her aunts, take a closer look at the power of the witches. With Teresa Palmer and Owen Teale.