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Episode 5: The Ni Ni Tree

23min - While camping out Yeti-style and learning about Yeti traditions, True and her friends are surprised to learn that Yeti are afraid of the dark.

Episode 4: Scratch and Share

23min - An argument over the Yetis' extra-special super-duper "Great Scratching Stick of the Neverending Forest" leads to an important lesson about sharing.

Episode 3: Mount Huffinpuff

23min - Splishy Splashy Springs is spectacular! So why is the volcano that sits on top of a nearby mountain so upset that it's spewing hot lava?

Episode 2: Yeti Sitting

23min - It's triple the trouble when True, Bartleby and Grizelda come to babysit the mischievous Yeti newborns and a flood breaks out in Yeti Village. Yikes!

Episode 1: Itty Bitty Yeti

23min - A Birdaloo tells True and Bartleby that a baby Yeti is about to be born. But when word gets out, the kingdom goes wild -- and only a wish can fix it.