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24min - An opportunity to remove the girls' mermaid powers for good presents itself.

Sea Change

25min - When Charlotte meddles in Cleo and Lewis' friendship, Cleo runs away from home and gets caught in a dangerous situation.

Three's Company

25min - Charlotte organizes a surprise party for Lewis. Cleo and Emma get trapped in a flooded storage room.


24min - The girls try to stop Charlotte, who begins to use her powers recklessly, to prevent their secret from being exposed.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

25min - When the girls befriend a fourth mermaid, they bond as part of their school's beach volleyball team -- but Cleo, Emma and Rikki still have reservations.

And Then There Were Four

25min - Charlotte looks into her grandmother's past and makes her way to the moon pool.

The Gracie Code: Part 2

24min - The girls find an old reel of film from Max's research while Ash comes close to discovering Emma's secret.

The Gracie Code: Part 1

25min - Lewis tracks down a researcher to gain more insight into the girls' mermaid transformations.

The Heat Is On

25min - When Zane and Ash clash, Rikki and Emma must choose sides. Cleo tries to organize a party celebrating the anniversary of their becoming mermaids.


24min - Cleo and Rikki encourage Ash to make a bold romantic gesture for Emma -- but a full moon could thwart his plans.

Double Trouble

24min - Lewis is troubled by a dream about the mermaids being discovered. Meanwhile, Emma grows suspicious of Rikki and Ash's secret meetings.


25min - Lewis and Zane discover a scent that attracts mermaids. The girls start becoming drawn to Nate.

Get Off My Tail

25min - The juice bar Emma works at gets a new manager. A rivalry starts for Lewis' affection.


25min - Don takes the family camping on Mako Island during a full moon -- leaving the girls to try and fight off its effects.

Fish Fever

25min - When Emma pricks her finger on a barb of coral, she starts to act more and more like a fish. Lewis tries to find a cure.

In Over Our Heads

24min - A treasure hunt for a statue on the ocean floor with a hefty reward tests the girls' friendship.

Missed the Boat

24min - When Cleo fails an exam, she is assigned to a new tutor. Meanwhile, her feelings for Lewis get complicated.

Riding for a Fall

25min - When a horse falls ill, Emma gets resourceful. Lewis looks for a date to an awards dinner.

Wrong Side of the Tracks

24min - Zane gets tangled in a sticky situation while Rikki is forced to admit the truth about her background.

In Hot Water

24min - When Rikki and Emma try to help Cleo, they end up on a search for a missing dolphin at the Marine Park.

Pressure Cooker

25min - Cleo is wary of the woman her dad invites over for dinner, especially when it turns out to be Charlotte's mother.

Hocus Pocus

25min - When Lewis uncovers an old book on mermaids, he and the girls test a potion recipe to surprising results.

Fire and Ice

25min - Emma throws a wild house party. Nate offers to help Lewis with his hidden agenda.

The One That Got Away

25min - Zane tries to win Rikki back. Cleo tries to find dirt on Charlotte.


25min - A new girl moves to the Gold Coast. Emma gives Elliott an assist on the soccer field. Cleo and Lewis' relationship takes a turn.

Stormy Weather

24min - Under the full moon, the girls undergo another transformation and must harness their newly enhanced powers.

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