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A Twist in the Tail

25min - Cleo, Emma and Rikki must evade a trap set by Dr. Denman.

Dr. Danger

25min - Emma drops out of her family's annual vacation. Dr. Denman makes a discovery that brings her closer to the girls' secret.

Love Potion 9

24min - Emma and Cleo hope that Byron and Lewis will ask them to the school dance. Meanwhile, Lewis comes up with a special formula for the girls.

In Too Deep

25min - When Rikki spies a locket with an uncanny resemblance to Cleo's in a jewelry shop, Zane doesn't understand her desperate desire to possess it.

Fish Out Of Water

24min - When Cleo and Emma find out about Rikki's new romance, Rikki must make a tough choice.

Red Herring

24min - Emma takes on a bold new hair color. Zane's sea monster mystery leads him to Miss Chatham and her old homestead.

Hook, Line and Sinker

25min - When Lewis enters a fishing contest, Cleo's plan to help him win backfires.

Hurricane Angela

25min - When Cleo's cousin Angela comes to visit, she proves to be a wild child thirsty for fun in the water.

Bad Moon Rising

25min - Zane's investigation leads him to Mako Island, where he runs into a familiar face.

Under the Weather

24min - On the day of a big biology exam, a thunderstorm has the girls faking sick to skip school.


25min - Zane continues the search for his sea savior. Meanwhile, Cleo's family and friends are convinced she has a secret boyfriend.

The Big Chill

25min - When Emma is put in charge of the café for a weekend, her new employee Rikki has a tough time adjusting to her managerial style.


25min - Cleo faces yet another birthday party thrown by her dad. Zane is out to learn the identity of the sea creature he thinks saved his life.


25min - Miss Chatham's mission to retrieve a precious piece of treasure lands her in a health emergency.

The Siren Effect

25min - As a full moon approaches, Cleo flexes her new pipes and sings a siren song that has the boys all over town swooning.

Sink or Swim

25min - A local surfing star asks Emma to be his swim coach but her secret makes her hesitant to dive into the role.

The Camera Never Lies

25min - The girls participate in a film contest but the heroic theme leaves the group at odds.

Dangerous Waters

24min - When Rikki tries to catch a fish for Cleo, she takes on a job offer from a breeder to collect rare fish that isn't what it seems.

The Denman Affair

25min - When Lewis takes a job as a research assistant to a noted marine biologist, the girls are worried that he might accidentally give away their secret.

Moon Spell

25min - A mysterious woman warns Cleo to steer clear of water and avoid looking at the full moon.

Young Love

25min - Emma's younger brother, Elliot, develops a crush when he's saved from drowning.

Something Fishy

25min - When Cleo's little sister gets ahold of Cleo's diary, she threatens to expose the three friends' secret.

Party Girls

25min - While deciding to throw her annual sleepover party, Emma heads to Mako Island in search of a clue.

Catch of the Day

25min - When the girls learn that sea turtles are getting caught in nets, it's Rikki and Emma to the rescue. But fishermen think they've got a shark problem.

Pool Party

24min - The girls are trying to keep their fish tails a secret, but when socialite Miriam throws a pool party, all they can do is try to stay dry.


24min - Three teenage girls discover an underwater cavern on Mako Island and undergo a magical transformation.

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