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Episode 26: Examen

24min - The girls get resourceful to prevent the impact of the comet. Will they save Earth before graduation?

Episode 25: Möte med Ödet

24min - The girls must force a comet away from Earth using the magnetic crystals' powers.

Episode 24: För nära inpå

24min - Cleo shows concern for her job when her father gets a second gig at the marine park.

Episode 23: Strandfest

24min - A massive beach party leaves room for misunderstandings -- until real feelings come to light.

Episode 22: Makoprovet

24min - When the full moon rises early, the girls confront the water force and receive a message about Mako Island.

Episode 21: Juveltjuven

24min - The girls must recover a necklace containing a magic crystal when someone steals it to get Rikki's attention.

Episode 20: Drottning för en dag

24min - Sophie lands a job at the cafe, to Bella's chagrin.

Episode 19: Separation

24min - Will competes in the free-diving championship competition and breaks away from Sophie's influence.

Episode 18: In i ljuset

24min - Ryan sets out to explore Mako Island. To protect their secret, Rikki warns Bella and Cleo, and tries to stop Ryan from discovering the moon pool.

Episode 17: Magnetisk Attraktion

24min - Cleo's introduced to Ryan, a young geophysicist working for Samantha. Rikki's time at the moon pool leads to a discovery about her powers.

Episode 16: Den Mörka Sidan

24min - Rikki goes to Mako Island to confront the strange force in the moon pool.

Episode 15: Kraftmätning

24min - Sophie swipes Bella's idea for a fundraising concert at the cafe.

Episode 14: Sjöjungfrumagi

24min - Will pushes himself too far when Zane challenges him to a free-diving competition. The girls discover a crystal in the rock from the moon pool.

Episode 13: Att ha och att hålla tillbaka

24min - Kim tries derailing Don and Samantha's wedding as Lewis receives an opportunity to study in America.

Episode 12: Brott och straff

24min - When Rikki is held hostage, Will, Cleo and Bella must work together to save her.

Episode 11: Också bara en tjej

24min - When Bella helps Will with his diving, she tries to sort out his feelings for her. An unexpected booking has the cafe overrun with children.

Episode 10: Avslöjad

24min - As Will begins to piece the mermaid mystery together, Bella tries to keep her secret from him.

Episode 9: Magikerns lärling

24min - Cleo experiments with the magic moon pool water. Rikki later gets the water into Cleo's aquarium by accident.

Episode 8: Kidnappad

24min - Cleo hosts a sleepover for the girls on the night of the full moon -- until they end up on a rescue mission for Bella.

Episode 7: Lyckliga familjer

24min - Cleo and Kim get to know their father's new girlfriend. Bella applies for a job at the cafe.

Episode 6: Hemligheter & lögner

24min - Bella sets up a study date with Will. Lewis pulls inspiration from the moon pool for his science project.

Episode 5: Storslagna idéer

24min - Zane hosts a dirt bike race to help the cafe bring in money. Lewis and Cleo continue with their moon pool investigation.

Episode 4: Alla Hjärtans Dag

24min - The girls each are experiencing trouble in love as Cleo's father, Don, finds a pretty prospect.

Episode 3: Håll dina fiender nära

24min - Cleo seeks a new job as an assistant dolphin trainer at the Marine Park. Meanwhile, Rikki takes issue with Nate's band playing at the cafe.

Episode 2: Djungeljakt

24min - Will attempts to look into his experience on Mako Island, but Bella offers to direct him away from the moon pool to protect the girls' secret.

Episode 1: Uppvaknandet

24min - With their final year of high school ahead, Cleo and Rikki make a new friend in Bella, meet new boy Will and encounter a strange force on Mako Island.