2014, Documental

Biografía, Documental, Thriller: Winner of the 2014 Academy Award® for Best Documentary Feature. In January 2013, filmmaker Laura Poitras was in the process of constructing a film about abuses of national security in post-9/11 America when she started receiving encrypted e-mails from someone identifying himself as “citizen four,” who was ready to blow the whistle on the massive covert surveillance programs run by the NSA and other intelligence agencies. In June 2013, she and reporter Glenn Greenwald flew to Hong Kong for the first of many meetings with the man who turned out to be Edward Snowden. She brought her camera with her. The film that resulted from this series of tense encounters is absolutely sui generis in the history of cinema: a 100% real-life thriller unfolding minute by minute before our eyes. Poitras is a great and brave filmmaker, but she is also a masterful storyteller: she compresses the many days of questioning, waiting, confirming, watching the world’s reaction and agonizing over the next move, into both a great character study of Snowden and a narrative that will leave you on the edge of your seat as it inexorably moves toward its conclusion. CITIZENFOUR is a major work on multiple levels, and a deeply unsettling experience.

El miedo al 13
2015, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Misterio: Nick es un preso en el corredor de la muerte. ¿Quién es? ¿Qué hizo? ¿Qué no hizo? ¿Cómo encajan todas las piezas?

Abducted in Plain Sight
2019, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Drama: Él es un amigo de la familia. Ella es una niña alegre. Y sus padres no ven el peligro hasta que es demasiado tarde.

Dancing Shiva
2010, Documental

Thriller, Películas de vaqueros: Inside the smuggling scandal that has shaken the international art world. It's a rare art gem that cost $5 million, but a growing body of evidence suggests that a bronze statue acquired by Australia's National Gallery was stolen, and points to foul play on a grand scale.

2015, Documental

Drama, Terror, Misterio: Estás en una cámara de tortura con otras 50 personas. Las víctimas caen como moscas, pero puedes salvar a una. ¿A cuál?

Forget Me Not
2009, Documental

Drama, Terror, Amor

The Face of an Angel
2014, Documental

Crímenes, Drama, Thriller: Based on true events of the controversial case of an American student accused of murder in Italy, journalist Simone Ford (Kate Beckinsale) and a filmmaker Thomas Lang (Daniel BruŸhl) lose themselves in a notorious murder case they are covering. Caught up in the city's seedy underbelly and the media frenzy surrounding the horrific murder, Thomas begins to question the motives of the people around him as the mystery proves greater than he imagined.