El imputado de la habitación 2806
2020, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Economía y Política: Su trayectoria política lo encaminó hacia la presidencia de su país. Pero un escándalo cambió el curso de la historia.

El caso Watts: El padre homicida
2020, Documental

Crímenes, Documental: Con imágenes reales sin editar, este documental ahonda en la desaparición de Shanann Watts y sus hijos, y los horribles sucesos acontecidos posteriormente.

Honor Diaries
2013, Documental

Crímenes, Documental: Nine leading women advocates fight back against gender-based honor violence. Notions of shame and honor are challenged, and a dialogue that goes beyond assumptions emerges in their efforts to create change.

Inside Job
2010, Documental

Crímenes, Documental: Greed, corruption and ridiculously cheap mortgages helped tank the world economy in 2008. Have we learned anything?

Gimnasta A: El médico depredador
2020, Documental

Crímenes, Deportes: Confianza destruida. Sueños rotos. Trauma impensable. Y eso es solo la punta de una cultura de abuso, corrupción y ocultación.

Enmienda XIII
2016, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Historia: Esclavitud. Jim Crow. Criminalización. Una cadena de desigualdad racial forjada por cuestiones políticas y económicas.

Abducted in Plain Sight
2019, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Drama: Él es un amigo de la familia. Ella es una niña alegre. Y sus padres no ven el peligro hasta que es demasiado tarde.

Dirty Wars
2013, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Drama: Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill stumbles upon a U.S. night raid gone badly wrong in a remote corner of Afghanistan. An Afghani witness swears he saw American soldiers digging bullets out of the dead women and Scahill's investigation leads him to the secret maneuvers of the shadowy and powerful Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Our reporter is pulled into a world of covert operations unknown to the public and carried out across the globe by men who do not exist on paper and will never appear before Congress. In military jargon, JSOC teams "find, fix, and finish" their targets, who are selected through a secret process. No target is off limits for Obama's "kill list," including U.S. citizens. From Afghanistan to Yemen and Somalia, as well as back home in New York where he tries to piece the puzzle together, Scahill meets with CIA agents, Special Forces operators, military generals and U.S.-backed warlords who go on camera and on the record-some for the first time. He tracks down the survivors of night raids and drone strikes, including the family of the first American citizen marked for death and being hunted by his own government. With a strong cinematic style and thriller structure, Dirty Wars takes viewers to remote corners of the globe to see first-hand wars fought in their name and offers a behind-the-scenes look at a high-stakes investigation. Dirty Wars is also a book by Jeremy Scahill on the same topic, exhaustively researched and footnoted and available on request.

El miedo al 13
2015, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Misterio: Nick es un preso en el corredor de la muerte. ¿Quién es? ¿Qué hizo? ¿Qué no hizo? ¿Cómo encajan todas las piezas?

Tiger King
2020, Documental

Crímenes, Documental: Leones, tigres ¿y asesinato? Vaya lío. Un sorprendente relato auténtico de estafadores, poligamia, rivalidad y venganza.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal
2020, Documental

Crímenes, Documental: Adicción. Engaño. Caos. Si algo probaron estas químicas de laboratorios de estupefacientes es que el sistema no sirve.

Tales of the Grim Sleeper
2014, Documental

Crímenes, Documental: Tales of the Grim Sleeper is a 2014 documentary film by Nick Broomfield about the serial killer Lonnie David Franklin Jr., nicknamed the Grim Sleeper.

I, Pedophile
2016, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Sociedad: Pedophiles have long been the most demonized people in society. New research is showing that understanding the condition, and addressing it, are the first steps in lowering instances of child sexual abuse. This documentary does not seek to vilify or condemn pedophiles or to undermine the concerns and fears of parents or society but rather to understand pedophilia and its complex causes.

West of Memphis
2012, Documental

Crímenes, Documental: An examination of a failure of justice in Arkansas. The documentary tells the hitherto unknown story behind an extraordinary and desperate fight to bring the truth to light. Told and made by those who lived it, the filmmakers' unprecedented access to the inner workings of the defense, allows the film to show the investigation, research and appeals process in a way that has never been seen befor..

Motown Mafia
2011, Documental

Biografía, Crímenes, Documental: Motown Mafia is the story of 2 families and how they rose from Detroit's old Black Bottom and Paradise Valley neighborhoods to the top of the city's narcotics pyramid. Eddie Jackson was cut from a different cloth than men like Leroy "Nicky" Barnes and Frank Lucas.

Killing Pablo
2002, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Historia: We offer the inside story of one of the CIA's biggest manhunts ever: for Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. This exclusive documentary has access to US and Colombian participants involved at all levels of the hunt, and draws on thousands of classified documents.

Uncensored: Narco Journalism
2014, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Drama: Through the lives of three Colombian journalists, Uncensored recounts the peril journalists endured while covering Colombia's narcoterrorism violence in the 1980s during the reign of Pablo Escobar's Medellin cartel, the 1990s during the rise of corruption in the military and 2000s during a behind-closed-doors oppressive administration.

Hasta los dientes
2018, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Thriller: Este documental narra la controvertida historia en torno a la muerte de dos estudiantes, que fueron incriminados y asesinados por militares mexicanos en 2010.

ReMastered: La masacre de la Miami Showband
2019, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Música: Los "Beatles irlandeses" unieron un país dividido, pero un atentado los disgregó. ¿Quién estuvo tras la masacre?

Puppies Behind Bars
2016, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Drama: Incarcerated for murder and armed robbery, New York criminals learn to love again by raising puppies behind bars. In this inspirational tale, three selected prisoners battle self-doubt, anger and regret in their attempt to transform dependent pups into service dogs for injured US veterans.

Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Cyber Attacks
2016, Documental

Crímenes, Documental, Historia: The shocking story of the Ashley Madison hacking scandal. In July 2015, Ashley Madison, ‘The Original Extramarital Affairs Site’, was hacked. Pandemonium ensued when the names, details, and fetishes of its members were revealed to the world. Families were torn apart, and some people were even driven to suicide. But the leak also uncovered the true sprawl of the Ashley Madison empire, the fragile and fraudulent foundations upon which it was built.

Nuestro padrino
2019, Documental

Crímenes, Documental: Pasó años siendo la persona más buscada de la mafia porque rompió el código de silencio. Ahora la familia rompe el suyo.

2019, Documental

Arte y Cultura, Crímenes: Including interviews with accusers and ex-colleagues, this documentary traces the controversial career of disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.

The Face of an Angel
2014, Documental

Crímenes, Drama, Thriller: Based on true events of the controversial case of an American student accused of murder in Italy, journalist Simone Ford (Kate Beckinsale) and a filmmaker Thomas Lang (Daniel BruŸhl) lose themselves in a notorious murder case they are covering. Caught up in the city's seedy underbelly and the media frenzy surrounding the horrific murder, Thomas begins to question the motives of the people around him as the mystery proves greater than he imagined.