Zac Efron: Con los pies en la tierra
2020, Documental

Aventuras, Estilo de vida, Viajes: Zac Efron se embarca en una aventura con un ambicioso objetivo: mostrar otras maneras de vivir.

2015, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Documental: In the high-stakes game of big-wall climbing, the Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru may be the ultimate prize. It’s a deadly route that has seen more failed attempts by elite climbing teams over the past 30 Years than any other ascent in the Himalayas.

The God Cells: A Fetal Stem Cell Journey
2016, Documental

Aventuras, Documental, Drama: Stem Cell research and therapy have been growing at a rapid rate over the past fifteen years. Scientific advances coupled with consumer demand have proven that stem cell therapy is the wave of the future, and is poised to change the face of medicine. The only hurdles have been religious and regulatory roadblocks slowing down the approval process for fetal stem cell therapy.

Criaturas del abismo
2005, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Documental: ¿Podría el fondo del mar albergar pistas sobre la vida extraterrestre? Con la ayuda de científicos de la NASA, el director James Cameron hace contacto con un mundo nuevo en una increíble aventura submarina. Este viaje único ofrece un vistazo a las inverosímiles criaturas de un extraño mundo fuera del alcance del sol.

Above And Beyond
2015, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Documental: In 1948, a group of Jewish American pilots flew for Israel in its War of Independence. The first feature-length doc about the foreign airmen in the ’48 War, ABOVE AND BEYOND weaves interviews and footage to present a fascinating, little-known tale.

The Last Shaman
2017, Documental

Aventuras, Documental, Drama: En un último y desesperado esfuerzo por evitar el suicidio, un joven deprimido viaja a la selva amazónica para unirse a un antiguo ritual con plantas alucinógenas.

Nuit de la Glisse: Presión extrema
2015, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Deportes: Hay gente temeraria a la que le gusta arriesgar. En este viaje por el mundo, diversos deportistas ejecutan hazañas increíbles en lugares impredecibles.

K2: Siren of the Himalayas
2012, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Documental: K2: SIREN OF THE HIMALAYAS is a 75-minute FEATURE DOCUMENTARY showing the adventure, peril and serenity of a group’s attempt to climb the world’s most challenging peak. Featured are world-class alpinists Fabrizio Zangrilli and Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, National Geographic’s 2012 Explorer of the Year and the first woman to summit all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks without supplemental oxygen or high altitude porters. While their summit attempt hangs in the balance, the film examines the risks, rewards and deeply personal nature of exploration. Rare footage and still images from the 1909 Duke of Abruzzi expedition make this a definitive historical piece on K2, tracing the parallels of high altitude exploration over the last century. Harsh weather conditions and demanding technical climbing have made producing films on K2 extremely difficult, and footage from these expeditions is rare compared to its slightly taller and more frequently scaled counterpart, Mount Everest.

Jackass: Number Two
2006, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Comedia: The guys take shame to new lows by abusing their bodies twice as much as the last time. Try not to wince.

Jackass: La película
2002, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Comedia: Coches de juguete en sitios erróneos, monopatines propulsados, nieve amarilla: gamberradas salvajes con tíos loquísimos.

2013, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Documental: Step into our world, as we bring you a raw look at the talents of the next wave of mountain bike riders and photographers. Come face to face with our diverse styles as we take on new lines and new places. ARRIVAL is all about what is happening now. Bringing viewers into the reality of a new generation of freeriders and racers.

Jackass 3
2010, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Comedia: Extracción de dientes con un Lamborghini, jugar a la pelota con una colmena y más fluidos corporales que nunca.

2017, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Documental: ¿Por qué se escala? Este filme intimista explora lo que impulsa a los que arriesgan su vida para ascender a las alturas.

MARS: Así es SpaceX
2018, Documental

Aventuras, Science , Tecnología: Marte: dentro de SpaceX se adentra en el plan para llevar a los humanos a Marte, ofreciendo un vistazo a una de las empresas más revolucionarias. Filmada en el transcurso de tres años, este viaje lo lleva detrás de escenas con Elon Musk y sus ingenieros mientras perseveran a través de fracasos y triunfos e intentan hacer avanzar a la industria espacial más rápido que nunca.

Valley Uprising
2014, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Documental: Featuring Alex Honnold ("Free Solo") and a narration by Peter Sarsgaard, "Valley Uprising" lets viewers inside the shady campgrounds of Yosemite valley, where climbers carved out a counterculture lifestyle of dumpster-diving and wild parties that clashed with the conservative values of the National Park Service. And up on the walls, generation after generation has pushed the limits of climbing, vying amongst each other for supremacy on Yosemite's cliffs. "Valley Uprising" is the riveting, unforgettable tale of this bold rock climbing tradition in Yosemite National Park: half a century of struggle against the laws of gravity -- and the laws of the land.

View from a Blue Moon
2015, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Documental: See the sport of surfing as it’s never been captured before in John Florence and Blake Vincent Kueny’s second signature release, this time in association with the award-winning film studio Brain Farm. The first surf film shot in 4K, View From a Blue Moon follows the world’s most dynamic surfer John Florence and his closest friends from his home on the North Shore of Oahu to his favorite surfing destinations around the globe. From the dreamy blue perfection of the South Pacific to the darkest uncharted waters of Africa (and everywhere in between), Florence faces a broad spectrum of emotions as he continues to seal his legacy as one of the most gifted surfers ever. And while the young Hawaiian is pulled in increasingly different directions, there is no form of pressure that will keep him from his ultimate goal — to redefine what is possible in the ocean.

Attack Force Z
1982, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Drama: A group of Australian commandos launch a secret mission against Japanese forces in World War II. Starring Mel Gibson and Sam Neil.

Jackass 2.5
2007, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Comedia: What's better than nasty pranks and stupid stunts? Deleted scenes and goofy outtakes, of course.

Jackass 3.5 - La película sin censura
2011, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Comedia: Chistes soeces. Escenas arriesgadas. Verlos entre bastidores es casi tan divertido como las bromas que se gastan.

2017, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Biografía: This film follows the story of Bruce McLaren, the New Zealander who founded the McLaren Motor Racing team. A man who showed the world that a man of humble beginnings could take on the elite of motor racing and win.

2013, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Biografía: “McConkey” is a heartfelt examination of the legacy one athlete left to the progression of his sports, and the path he paved to conquer his dreams. Shane McConkey is revered as a pioneer of freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping, and through his talent and ability to use his trademark irreverent humor, he inspired countless lives. In a new film from Red Bull Media House in association with Matchstick Productions, “McConkey” celebrates the life of one of the world’s ultimate innovators.

The Fourth Phase
2016, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Documental: Inspired by the hydrological cycle, iconic snowboarder Travis Rice and his team embark on a 16,000 mile journey to some of the most dreamlike landscapes around the North Pacific, discovering more than new terrain.

Red Bull Storm Chase
2015, Documental

Acción, Aventuras, Documental: This film chronicles a two-year-long windsurfing journey. The criteria were simple: winds greater than force ten and ten world-class windsurfers. The result was footage of some of the most extreme windsurfing ever.

2017, Documental

Aventuras, Documental, Historia: Bunker Spreckels, Clark Gable's stepson and heir to a sugar fortune, turned his back on expectations and grew into a controversial surf star who expressed complete originality, like a cross between James Dean and Andy Warhol. He danced on the sea like no one else even as his mysterious and surreal persona exploded to consume him.