My Beloved Zatch

The Masked Mamodo

The sixth spell

Dr. Riddles and the Majestic Twelve

The Mystery of the Stone Tablets

Rumble in the Snow

Ponygon's Close Call

Zatch vs. Bari

Invitiation to a Duel

Praying Mantis Joe: The Hero of Justice

Coldhearted Foes

Invincible Kanchome

Big Brother Kanchome

The Invisible Hunter

Battle in Hong Kong Part 2

Battle in Hong Kongvvvvvvvv

Collision: Zatch vs. Naomi

The Final Mirror Battle

Sunset Soaked in Tears

The Joining of the Three

Shion's Secret

The Cute Transfer Student

Zatch and Tia: A Fierce Combination

Amusement Park Battle

Tia and Megumi's Excellent Adventure

Danny Boy

A Day With Zatch

Apollo, the Free Traveler Part 2

Apollo, the Free Traveler

Go For It, Ponygon!