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A Day in the Country

Lord Meldrum decides he is going to treat the servants to a picnic in the country. Nobody is surprised however, that upon their arrival at Peabody Hall, Sir Ralph and Lady Agatha are there too.

The Night of Reckoning

Twelvetrees gets an offer to be butler for Sir Ralph and Lady Agatha. Mabel is on the verge of being evicted from her home. Meanwhile, Alf comes up with a drastic solution to Teddy's problem. Cissy finds out whether or not she has been elected onto the local council.

Gretna Green or Bust

Miss Poppy and Dickie Metcalfe decide to marry and elope to Gretna Green, and Teddy and Rose take the idea and elope to, but Lady Lavender has hidden in the back the car and the rest of the household set off in hot pursuit in an attempt to stop them.

Meet the Workers

Poppy announces her engagement to Dickie Metcalfe but Alf smells a rat! Lord Meldrum is convinced that he must learn more about the lower classes before he can join the board of governors at the BBC and so he invites his factory workers to dinner and serves them fish and chips. Meanwhile, Lady Lavender invites the staff to the wedding of her parrot!

Mrs. Lipton's Nasty Turn

Having discovered Alf's deception and broken his Lordship's crockery in a fit of anger, Mrs Lipton is left wondering if she still has a job. On a visit to the Sunshine Pantry, Ivy discovers the truth about Mrs. Lipton's cherry cake. Lord Meldrum is shocked to discover Cissy intends to stand for local government, as a candidate for the United Workers Party.

Current Affairs

Alf continues to supply the Sunshine Pantry with Mrs Lipton's cakes. Myrtle pays a visit to the house posing as Mrs Stokes but can she persuade Mrs Lipton?

Please Help the Orphans