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Cruise Control

20min - Taking a break from superhero duty, the X-Men take a pleasure cruise. However, Magma becomes violently ill, literally suffering from earth withdrawal.

Dark Horizon: Part 2

20min - The X-Men, Brotherhood, and Acolytes track Apocalypse to Egypt, but fail to prevent him from coming back to life. Mankind is now in terrible danger.

Dark Horizon: Part 1

20min - Rogue falls under the mind control of Mesmero and is used as a weapon to absorb the mutant powers of every X-Man, Brotherhood, and Acolyte member.


20min - A mysterious assassin terrorizes the X-Mansion, knocking out the X-Men one by one.

Under Lock and Key

20min - Angel spots Gambit stealing a mysterious artifact, but when he tries to stop him, Mesmero fights him off.

Self Possessed

20min - Rogue consoled by her friend Risty, but when she accidentally touches and absorbs her at a concert, she finds out that she was Mystique all along in disguise.

The Toad, the Witch and the Wardrobe

20min - Wanda tracks down Magneto to his Acolyte headquarters in a nearby ski resort. Meanwhile, Kurt is spending time with Amanda Sefton and meeting her parents.

X-Treme Measures

20min - Spyke joins a skateboarding contest sponsored by "Pow-R 8" soda. However, Pow-R 8 is harmful to mutants.

Blind Alley

20min - Jean is about to confess her love to Scott when Mystique (who managed to escape from Area 51 and is out for revenge) abducts Scott and abandons him in the desert in Mexico.

The Stuff of Villains

20min - Wanda wants to find out where her father Magneto is, so she enlists Caliban for help. She then goes to her brother Quicksilver for info.


20min - Despite rescuing Professor X, the bigotry towards mutants still exists as our heroes return to Bayville High, scorned and verbally abused by their human classmates.

The Stuff of Heroes

20min - The X-Men have to stop Juggernaut, who has been unleashed by Mystique and is threatening to destroy a dam.

Day of Recovery

20min - The remaining X-Men and Brotherhood members go to Area 51 to rescue their captive members.

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