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The Cauldron: Part 2

20min - Magneto holds multiple battles to find out which mutants are "worthy" of joining him on Asteroid M. The "winners" are abducted by force and offered a place in the Cauldron, where Magneto offers to increase their mutant powers to full potential. Scott wins and enters to be able to control his powers without his visor, but it alters him. Now Scott has to choose between Magneto's plans and his commitment to his friends.

The Cauldron: Part 1

20min - Scott is reunited with his brother Alex,who is recruited by Megneto to join him. As the X-Men are forced to fight the Brotherhood for a place in Magneto's sanctuary.

Grim Reminder

20min - Wolverine's tortured origin comes back to haunt him. He goes into the Canadian wilderness to find Weapon X. He runs into not only his archrival Sabretooth, but the doctor who gave him his adamantium skeleton. It turns out that the doctor still plans to use Wolverine to carry out Weapon X by brainwashing him with a microchip that was implanted into Logan's brain a long time ago. It's up to Shadowcat and Nightcrawler (who accompanied Wolverine accidentally, as they were in the X-Jet when he took it) to save the day.

Shadowed Past

20min - Rogue has nightmares about Kurt being abducted. It turns out that when she absorbed Mystique's memory of her prior plan of keeping her away from the X-Men, she also absorbed many more memories, allowing the X-Men to find out that Mystique is Kurt's mother. Wolverine also discovers that Nightcrawler was the object of heinous experiments conducted by Magneto, but decides not to tell him about this yet.

Survival of the Fittest

20min - X-Men and the Brotherhood battle each other in a summer camp, but must cooperate when a large and unstoppable mutant threatens both Charles Xavier and Mystique.


20min - For extra credit, Spyke films the current events in his life. However, his project takes a turn for the worst when Sabretooth uses the video camera to find out where the Xavier Institute is in order to hunt down his rival, Wolverine.

Turn of the Rogue

20min - Scott Summers/Cyclops and Jean Grey prepare for their geology club excursion, but Mystique has different plans in mind, replacing Jean with Rogue in an attempt to put further distance between her and the X-Men. In the end, Rogue finds out about Mystique's plans and finally joins the X-Men.


20min - One day, Kurt's childish behavior clashes with Scott's dead seriousness once too often. Later, Kurt (in his true form) accidentally activates a device which transfers him to a parallel dimension. There, he meets Forge, who had been trapped there since the late seventies, and together, they devise a plan to break out and return to their normal dimension. Things get complicated when the other X-Men discover the device and the Brotherhood then tries to steal it from them.

Speed and Spyke

20min - Evan Daniels, Ororo Monroe/Storm's nephew, is exihibiting his mutant ability of projecting boned spikes. Despite knowing his powers, Daniels initially refuses to join the X-Men. However, when former basketball teammate Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) continually steals money from him (along with getting him in trouble), Evan accepts the offer in an attempt to take his former friend down.

Mutant Crush

20min - Fred Dukes (Blob), a former sideshow entertainer from Texas, gets enlisted by Mystique into Bayville High. But his short temper and blubbery girth prevents him from making any necessary friends. He does get some help from Jean Grey in finding his way around the school, but things take a turn for the worst when he mistakes this for love.

Rogue Recruit

20min - When Rogue accidentally triggers her mutant power by absorbing a local boy's memories, strengths, and abilities, the X-Men head off to Caldecott County, Mississippi to recruit her. However, Mystique isn't willing to let her out of her sights to become one of them, so Destiny & Mystique get to Rogue first to convince her that X-Men are hunting her down. At the end she joins the Brotherhood.

The X-Impulse

20min - Chicago native Kitty Pryde discovers her mutant phasing powers. Xavier sends Jean Grey on a mission to recruit her, only to find out that she has already been won over by Lance Alvers, otherwise known as the mutant Avalanche.

Strategy X

19min - As Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) adapts to his new home at the Xavier Institute, Mystique attempts to spy on the facility. She enlists Todd Tolanski (Toad), a mutant with frog-like abilities, to scope the place out.