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Episode 5: Race to the Spaceship/Sandbox Surprise

27min - Frog must help Robot get to the top of WordWorld's highest mountain and build a spaceship in time to play spaceship tag. Then, Duck and Dog become curious about compound words when they discover the word sandbox is made of two words!

Episode 4: Think in the Rink/X Marks the Spot

28min - Duck and Dog want to join Sheep and Frog in their ice skating show! Then, Duck must search high and low for his letter X that has gone missing. His good pal Shark accompanies him!

Episode 3: The Really Red Ruby/Firefighters to the Rescue

27min - Frog is excited to accompany Sheep on an exciting adventure to find the Really Red Ruby - until he realizes that Sheep is only pretending to go on an adventure! Then, Duck and Fly want to become firefighters!

Episode 2: Kite Flight/Hide and Seek

28min - When Frog sails away on a big kite he built, it's up to Duck and Shark to save him. Then, the WordFriends play a game of Hide and Seek where they must hide behind WordThings that end in ake!

Episode 1: A String's the Thing/J-J-Jelly

28min - After Duck turns on Frog's new cake frosting machine, the WordFriends must find the right word to stop it from covering WordWorld in frosting! Then, Pig asks his friends to help him make jars for the jelly pumping from his jelly machine.